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Be careful your home appliance is gas and toxic
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How is home appliance also met is " gas and toxic " ? Actually if home appliance is long-term let liquefied petroleum gas or natural gas edify, can accelerate interior yuan the oxidation of parts of an apparatus, serious when what can bring about yuan of parts of an apparatus is sealing off, rupture, attaint, " of as a result is gas and toxic " . So, how to prevent this kind of accident?

A, in home appliance interior yuan layer of the Tu Yi on parts of an apparatus is anticorrosive solvent, this basically should be handled by manufacturing company, can prevent home appliance interior effectively to be oxidized by liquefied petroleum gas and natural gas so.

B, home appliance is due a favorable working environment. The user should open home appliance and liquefied petroleum gas or segregation of natural gas source, both cannot be on one room together. Due and good ventilated condition.

Liquefied petroleum gas of C, regular examination or natural and tracheal path whether leak; After making gone conduit, canister holds liquefied petroleum gas or natural gas every time, ying Ning tightens switch, assure its absolutely not leak.

D, load temporary unused home appliance in the fully sheathed case that has desiccative, in order to assure dry sex. To placing the home appliance in environment, around also appropriate places some of desiccative.

It is E, easy to give go up the lacquer on rubiginous home appliance, after some home appliance rust like freezer case easy be oxidized, friend should go in time to rustily home appliance on rust lacquer.


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