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Spring Festival shopping upsurge bewares billowily mobile phone camera consumes
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When close Spring Festival, will greet again new round shopping upsurge, regarding the market as sale also is the commodity with businessman festival most hot sale when Great Harmony most -- mobile phone and digital camera also will be greeted new round consumptive height.

Be aimed at product of number of these two sell like hot cakes, the reporter interviewed the personage inside concerned course of study, "Uncover secret " a few commonner mobile phones and trap of digital camera consumption, give customer in order to remind.

As the ceaseless get rid of the stale and bring forth the fresh that waits for a concept high like element, intelligence, video, when people is being bought often in a dilemma. In interview, the personage inside a few course of study introduced a few to buy a hand to write down common consumptive trap to the reporter.

Trap one:

Tall colour is high-definition clear

The reporter understands, from 4096 original kinds, 65 thousand kinds, 260 thousand kinds upgrade ceaselessly, had begun to flaunt 16 million kinds on mobile phone the small screen at present. In fact, the meaning is without in on the collocation on small mobile phone screen 16 million kinds.

Many guiding buy can recommend tall colorific screen, advertise indication effect how outstanding. And in the use in screen, especially below the case with not high resolution, strong mix colors counts no point. The screen effect of the mobile phone can show the result quite with the flesh, to common the mobile phone user that is used at sending and receive colour to believe only, can need not emphasize pigment this one element. Generally speaking, achieve 65 thousand with 128 × the screen resolution of 128 is sufficient.

Those who be worth to remind is, if buy big screen to use those who broadcast at game and video to exceed mobile phone of strong recreation function, best the screen that can choose colour developing to compare clarity, when having game otherwise, visual effect can sell at a discount greatly.

The most original idea is the requirement that perhaps issues by force in sun's rays illuminate compares the mobile phone to undertake the effect checks in natural light. The reporter is comparing the discovery when a few mobile phones, a few mobile phone screen that flaunt tall parameter make a person dazzling below strong natural light, identify even telephone number very hard, prep let alone has game.

Trap 2:

Supportive MP3 is equal to MP3

Current, a few low end mobile phone in succession advocate supports MP3 function, in fact, the mobile phone that these so-called support MP3 broadcast is " the name is put solid without " . Because the mobile phone does not have patulous function, a few M with only mobile phone or the memory of 32M, to this kind of MP3 broadcast will tell without real significance. Mobile phone MP3 broadcasts a function to should support the memory of 100M above to perhaps support patulous function at least.
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