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Expensive not be choose and buy of right high-end home appliance certainly have
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Close paragraph of time, the reporter is in visit sell the discovery when field, some consumer decorate good new home, preparation installs discovery of the ability when home appliance, the style that oneself like or model dimension do not suit new residence, change phenomenon of machine, exchange goods a few times to be in repeatedly a few sell happen again and again. To reduce the trouble of consumer and businessman, the reporter interviews home appliance technically to sell field and domestic outfit course of study senior personage, ask them to provide reference of choose and buy for consumer.

Flat TV: Appropriate measure and picture pledge the most important

Nowadays, the flat TV of big screen, high-definition clear, ultrathin vogue already made consumer first selection. The personage thinks related Zhongshan Su Ning, the dimension need of flat TV considers each factor such as room area, real need and market main trend integratedly, if the sitting room under 30 square metre is optional 40-47 inch flat TV, the sitting room of above of 40 square metre is optional the big TV of 50 inches of above, advocate the flat TV of tie-in 32-37 suits the bedroom quite. Current, samSung, Suo Ni plans to supply 52 inches of face plate in great quantities this year. This is meant inside 3 years two in future, hopeful of 52 inches liquid crystal TV makes product of market main force, the customer that takes in tide front can pay close attention to ahead of schedule.

Next, see picture quality. At present the liquid crystal TV on the market should use the indication screen of 768 above of 1366 × only, can achieve the requirement of picture clarity basically; Need not go after tall brightness overly; Contrast also should not emphasize overly.

Additional, treat the interface setting of flat TV. The personage inside course of study is analysed, be popularized as what count word TV and gain ground, the effect of interface setting and technology is mainer and mainer, current affairs of choose and buy makes clear surely, avoid later period again " investment " .

Freezer: Multiple technology health care health

3 open the door, wait for high capacity freezer to walking along more and more average households to opening the door. The personage thinks related Zhongshan Su Ning, consumer should note 3 respects when the choose and buy.

Look accuse lukewarm: Last to what the control of temperature matters to freezer directly the effect. Lukewarm pattern charging commonly on the market at present is much more lukewarm area and become lukewarm to control, contented and can different food is right the specific requirement of temperature.

Than refrigerant: Air conditioning can sink naturally, if freezer cannot even refrigeration, fluctuation difference in temperature is big, cause food putrefaction easily; If freezer quick-freeze capacity is insufficient, refrigerant flesh kind in " the biggest ice crystal is generated belt " detention time is too long, cause nutrient prediction of a person's luck in a given year easily. So, consumer is choosing last the quick-freeze ability that still should notice to understand it when freezer.
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