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Family expenses smokes the mistake that lampblack machine makes easily
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Smoke lampblack machine to already became a family to need bought hutch defends electric equipment now. In the process that cooking when you, taking lampblack chance is to leaving from beginning to end, still see the oily generation burning heat in boiler is opened again after lampblack, it is good to wait for dish to fry put out immediately? Reckon most person can choose latter, it is to omit report on one hand, leaving from beginning to end on the other hand is bring owls to Athens it seems that. This period " big in column of knowledge of electric equipment home appliance " help you walk out of those who take lampblack chance to use an error.

Smoke lampblack machine to want precocity evening to close in use process, its use should be perforative at whole cooking process. The lampblack of the generation when a lot of people think the effect that takes lampblack chance is a fried dish is smoked, but this just takes lampblack chance an among them action, it still can is opposite in eduction kitchen the gas with harmful human body.

Oxide of carbon monoxide of generation of the metropolis in the process that kitchen burning gas is using, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, but the air contaminant such as inspiratory grit, if be opened when the fried dish only,take lampblack chance, fry put out instantly, it is the waste gas that cannot produce the place when combustion burning gas of all eduction.

Accurate use method is to want cook to be opened at the beginning only take lampblack chance, it is decoct no matter, fry, still boil, evaporate, stew, although cook ended to also do not want to be put out immediately,take lampblack chance, should let it run a few minutes again, so that discharge the harmful gas that remains inside the kitchen to the greastest extent,go out, close again at this moment machine, kitchen environment compares healthy safety.

In addition, a few consumer are being used often is in the course that takes lampblack chance when the very very thick, dirty ability that oily dirty accumulates undertakes cleanness, this also is incorrect. In taking the course that lampblack machine is using, should notice often clean, can affect the effect that takes lampblack and exhaust otherwise. Can use a few simple small doohickey to undertake cleanness in the home at ordinary times, be like: An empty jelly case is put in the oil storage case that takes lampblack chance, after smoking lampblack machine to use period of time, the oil inside jelly box is about the same full, change a new jelly case. Such, the oil storage case that takes lampblack chance can is like completely all the time new. Additional, smoke lampblack machine to should ask professional to will smoke lampblack machine to ravel in left and right sides of use half an year clean, in order to assure normal use.
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