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Life common sense: It is appropriate and OK that freezer is put province report
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Maintain Introduction Xiaowang of the center according to home appliance, put the article in freezer and freezer to still can omit report with proper way.

When putting freezer, should be in commonly 5~10 of two side obligate centimeter, upper part 10 centimeters, hind side 10 centimeters space, can help freezer come loose hot. Notice to be not put together with the electric equipment such as acoustics, TV, microwave oven even, the quantity of heat that these electric equipment produce can increase the power consumption of freezer.

The cold storage article in freezer is not put too closely, leave interstitial benefit to circulate at cold air, the rate that such food drop in temperature is rapidder, reduce the locomotive number of compressor, managing electric energy. When be put into fresh fruit dish in freezer, must their lay open. If fruit dish piles together, outside can be being caused cold inside hot, can use up more n. To those food with bigger head, but according to the family every time the heft of edible is packed apart, take out the amount of edible only, and need not take one chunk food from freezer, exhaustless put again, because relapse refrigerant waste electric power already, destroy easily to food generation again.


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