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Sanitation of attention home appliance not lets home appliance become " ash-bin
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"More dangerous place is safer " , same argument, safer place also may be ignored because of what be people, it is dangerous to hide more easily.

Home appliance is common people family in the commonnest the stuff that does not pass, but, the sanitation that the more such place is hiding more easily not to take seriously for person place " blind angle " . Search carefully, love is perhaps clean, tell healthful you will be astonied.

The likelihood in the platen washing machine that used 5 years hides bilge 1 kilogram! Such information is not sensational absolutely, electric equipment expert reminds say, enter a winter, clean the big inning of electric home appliances

Water machine: Into cold birthplace

The closest period of time, ailment of small Home Chen Yi is ceaseless. A friend that becomes a doctor is excellent in go visitting him, drive bit of family on one hand commonly used medicine, also help Xiaochen analyse the pathogeny on one hand. This doctor friend suggests to say, the strength that element of ceaseless eliminate season causes ailment is low outside, domestic sanitation environment also is main reason. The friend suggests Xiaochen cleans the home in water machine.

This is not washed do not know, wash frighten jump: When rinsing, shed actually " rubiginous water " . The expert says, clean come out " rubiginous water " , it is to heat actually of the rust with unripe component and progenitive bacterium " mixed liquor " . When winter, if cold crowd is used,water when opportunity hot drink, give cup bring into contact with not carefully water opening, cold virus can fall in warm environment " refluent and on " extensive breed, cause the infection of system of whole hot drink, so, water machine winter often must be disinfected.

Raise action: Washing water machine when best preparation different cleans an agent: One is to water machine is special the agent that divide dirty, this kind of clear lotion waters commonly aircraft point of sales can have a sale. Another is house home is necessary " 84 disinfectant " . Cleaning order is to open sewage draining exit to put remnant water first, use aqueous solution of the agent that divide dirty next bubble 30 minutes. Water of the agent that divide dirty wants to be put from sewage draining exit, "84 disinfectant " solution should be in each to be put from sewage draining exit and water intake, rinse with cool boiled water next.

According to introducing, the catharsis water of the eduction in the process that divide dirty can stem sewage draining exit occasionally. At this moment, as long as water the rear cover of machine is opened, hold in the position that stem with the hand move a few times, sewage came out with respect to can successful platoon.
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