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The recipe of washing machine of choose and buy
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Washing machine serves as the requisite of every family, holding the significant position on home appliance market all the time, it is people from beginning to end those who pay close attention to at most is big one of. The digital product with flowery to appearance photograph, consumer is centered morely to the requirement of washing machine on quality and function. And as people living standard rise ceaselessly, to the consumption of washing machine demand also is in progressively promotion. It is OK that we need washing machine to be able to wash the dress for the person only 20 years ago, ask washing machine is had now swing dry function, wash clothes the process is full automatic change, intelligence is changed, ask washing machine can be abluent not only the dress, still must protect clothings and have the additional value such as water of intelligence, section, energy-saving, health.

Face the propagandist offensive with roaring the force with which sth breaks out, numerous professional name, consumer often has by " flicker " feeling, we are special collect the recipe of washing machine of a few choose and buys, the hope can show a labyrinth for the reader.

Advantage of impeller type washing machine: Microcomputer control washs clothes reach the save labour when swinging dry function, province. Defect: Water of bad news report, bad news, clothings is easy twine, clean sex not beautiful.

Advantage of rolling-type washing machine: Imitate hand rub, abluent degree of even, wear rate is low, the dress is twined not easily, reach even real silk abb kind wait for high-grade dress to be able to be washed. Defect: Time-consuming, once shut the door to wash clothes,cannot open in the process, clean force is not powerful, often need to pass heat, lengthen all sorts of methods such as time for washing to enhance abluent power.

The price says platen washing machine is more expensive than impeller washing machine commonly, a 2000 yuan impeller washing machine can calculate top class product, and a 2000 yuan platen washing machine can calculate introductory form product only. Copy of intelligence of on the market a few computer is unripe model, network number remote control, health of disappear poison bacterium wait for washing machine of new technology type, average price is in 2500 yuan of above.


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