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Clew: Goods of reason of science of TV of flat of choose and buy compares 3
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Buy a gratified flat TV, enjoy the TV program of rich and colorful, became the option of a lot of consumer. However, go with rational eye when us focusing sells when, discover individual businessman however besides zealous with " super- low " price, " overflow " such empty sells gift high the site outside, be fond of more use " information asymmetry " , " the concept shifts to an earlier date " wait for misdirect consumer, for this, beijing consumer society, " Chinese number TV " the magazine warns customer jointly when buying flat TV, pay close attention to the following respects:

One, the distinction that understands plasma and liquid crystal TV. Plasma has measure big, image is reductive spend advanced advantage; Liquid crystal has low radiation, without twinkle, image exquisite, resolution tall, power comsumption is low advantage. Plasma manufacturer is in the whole world is opposite less, liquid crystal manufacturer is more, optional choose range is relatively wide extensive.

2, whether is attention high-definition television. The main index of high-definition TV: Can be accepted and output a format to be 1920 × the high-definition TV signal of 1080; Image definition must is more than on perpendicular direction be equal to 720 lines; Of screen model than be 16 ∶ 9. If you are not special understanding to technical index, OK when buy advertent, whether the country is appointed detect the high-definition television mark that the orgnaization detects and issues. In addition, bought high-definition television, also do not mean you to be able to watch high-definition number TV program, the signal of high-definition number program that should business of digital TV operation introduces, repass is high-definition digital television, consumer ability enjoys true high-definition number TV.

3, attention measure is appropriate. The country recommends TV those who view and admire a distance to be TV diagonal dimension commonly 3 times the left and right sides. Generally speaking, we rely on the size of the room and the dimension size that watch a distance to decide TV of flat of choose and buy, recommend reference to be:  Zi reads closely question to be troubled by finish whoop ah octogenarian  takes an examination of square metre of?0 of ∮ of Wu Ze ⌒ , choose the linear distance that 25-29 very little; controls 3 meters, room size is in 30 square metre of 20 ~ , choose the linear distance that 29-34 very little; controls 4 meters, room size is in 40 square metre of 30 ~ , choice 35-43 very little; the linear distance of 4 meters of above, room size is in above of 50 square metre, choose the flat TV of 43 inches of above.

4, whether does the attention contain HDMI port. HDMI interface is it is the whole world consumes electronic domain to handle the most extensive main aspect interface of video of sound of new generation number, it is the digital interface that can transmit frequency and video signal at the same time, it not only can simplify join, reduce your burden that connect a line, and can offer enormous digital signal to transmit place to require bandwidth. The importance that emphasizes this one interface basically depends on movie theater of the new now dish machine with future, computer, family waiting for equipment, can use this one interface actively, and apply this one interface to join with these equipment, can achieve best result undoubtedly.
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