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Shower water how water heater of report of meeting pins and needles not forgets
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Water heater burning gas is used or install undeserved meeting to cause person casualties, electric water heater is done not have " ground connection " protection can cause tragedy likewise. Recently, chinese consumer society, city pledges inspect bureau releases caution in succession, remind consumer ten million notices, although buy electric water heater is qualification, but if use electric environment to be put in safe hidden trouble, power source does not have effective ground " ground connection " , produce the blame such as water of conduit, shower possibly also dielectric is electrified, lead to accident getting an electric shock even.

Touch shower water how meeting pins and needles

Weather begins to turn cold, the use frequency of water heater of the report in the family will apparent increase. The day before yesterday, mr Teng that lives in Shanghai outskirt is mirrorred to qualitative inspect branch, he buys below one to stick have " certificate of approval " after electric water heater, invite installation of work in the same placing. That day in the evening when open bibcock shower, feel shower water has bit of pins and needles suddenly. Busy call normal electrician to come to check, the electrical wiring of water heater of former link report is done not have " ground connection " , electrician says, discover fortunately seasonable, otherwise consequence is unimaginable.

According to authoritative orgnaization statistic, since 1997, our country year all produce electric water heater to hurt human affairs reason to be as high as above 1000 cases, consumer is complained about 5900 cases. But check via qualitative check orgnaization, the electric water heater that injures a person for the most part all accords with national level, belong to eligible product. According to the standard of electric water heater with active country, mention expressly on its manual " forbidden in ground wire fluky circumstance falls use " caution language, take seriously generally what this did not cause most consumer however.

The expert says, safety of electric water heater involved each part of whole product, for instance inside bravery, heat canal, lukewarm accuse implement etc, and because be caused with electric environment hidden trouble,reason of human affairs of injury of most leakage of electricity is. For instance ground wire invalidation, alternate route is received to wait a moment when using inferior electrical outlet, installation, make component of dielectric of the water that sheds classics report water heater, blame electrified thereby, cause accident getting an electric shock even.

7 have hidden trouble with report into much family

Rose on March 15 from this year, in disappear assist academy of home appliance of committee of U.N. home standardization, China and guild of Chinese home appliance, to including Hua Dong area inside 20 many cities spread out a dweller to use electric environment sampling investigation, investigation project includes " ground connection " whether good, conduit and give water whether electrified, front line accepts 11 items such as the fault with 0 lines.
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