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Acoustics switch is used also have exquisite
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Switch on the mobile phone after receiving electrify source orderly, should drive phonic source share first namely laser phonograph, card, tuner, phonograph, choose firstly, reopen equalizer. If leave first for putting, the high unit of the life that this will put to offerring and loudhailer has damage.

Before volume control switchs on the mobile phone, the knob of volume wants as to 0, arrive by small gradually again next moderate. Its Chan Sheng, stereo or bridge are not changed to receive at will when switching on the mobile phone wait for working mode. When closing machine end, close volume knob to 0.

Close engine order to want to be put out first for putting, put out the effect again next implement, share of cause of enharmonic of equalizer and laser phonograph, phonograph, such, when cutting off other equipment power source, its turn over peak voltage won't action is in go up for putting. What should notice is, not at a draught dump.

The attention is not leaving to receive phonic source share to be like CD machine, card for put or be inserted when volume knob, the electrified equipment such as phonograph. Also leaving to receive loudhailer, because the distance of two wiring column of loudhailer is very close, the two lines short circuit of loudhailer burn down does not take care when wanting to notice to avoid wiring for putting.


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