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Low-pressure switch standard " get rid of the stale and bring forth the fresh "
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The country adopts inspect appoint released announcement to allege recently, the product such as switchgear of low-pressure whole set will implement new edition standard, raise specific requirement to relevant item.

As we have learned, GB7251.1-2005 " switchgear of low-pressure whole set and control equipment " national level already was carried out at rising on August 1, 2006, according to the regulation of concerned branch, the day that standard of edition of make a fresh start implements rises, former regulation of applicable standard of old edition safety should abolish automatically.

This announcement expresses, each will be concerned henceforth appoint attestation orgnaization, lab to must use new edition standard to carry out attestation, detect the job, mandatory to been obtain the product of switchgear of low-pressure whole set of attestation, holder of certificate of old edition standard should dog the next time at after new edition standard is carried out, be being reached before the examination, to appoint attestation orgnaization to apply for to trade certificate of standard of hair new edition, its last time was on December 31, 2007.

This announcement content still includes: Detect to producing licence to add with the place report changeover is obtained " 3C " the product of switchgear of low-pressure whole set of attestation certificate, below the situation that does not affect product quality and safety performance, to reduce industry burden, should undertake project of 3 main and safe tests admits really. On this foundation, to the place manufacturing licence detects in the report with mandatory product certification detects requirement discrepant product and detect project, should by detect the orgnaization is responsible and perfect fill neat corresponding content.

Viewpoint: Market competition only then at the standard eventually standard

Xu learns Bin

Below market economy condition, the enterprise needs to face the market independently, bear come from various competitive pressure. The shortcut that the enterprise gains the market is, participate in establish the standard that has own intellectual property, just can make the enterprise is in this one domain is occupational technical commanding elevation, the advantage is had in technical competition.

Place of the cant inside course of study of no less than says, 3 shed an enterprise to make a product, second-class the enterprise makes a brand, top-ranking enterprise makes a standard. This makes clear, the enterprise is striven for ceaselessly only make banner the technical standard of one pace, strive for promote to be occupation standard to the utmost, as far as possible patent and standard two edge tool bind union, ability forms truly strong competition dominant position. It is with factory of far east cable exemple, old before, this factory is made with respect to what had national occupation standard, the staff that joins occupation standard standard for many times works, share a staff early or late multinomial state level or industry standard. Not long ago, enterprise of senior engineer Hu Qingping's representing attended institute of this factory cable again " cable of class of 1E of nuclear power plant is general requirement " national level drafts working meeting, gather together with the expert that comes from the branch such as center of nuclear safety of total bureau of national environmental protection, publish opinion exercise speech adequately to counterpoise.
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