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"Clever " socket cuts off the power oneself
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This energy-saving product meets him discern the light loses by force, discontinuous report can reduce night water machine need functional waste time

Zhou Min of business newspaper reporter / photograph

■ great river net - Mao Qiuyun of of Wang Xin of trainee of of graceful of Wo Lin of reporter of Henan business newspaper

The electric energy that wastes when electric equipment of daily life lieutenant general bides his time is managing come down, it is the good method of an energy-saving province report. Thunder of groups of Zhengzhou is small Zhang Feng invented " clever " socket -- the night cuts off the power oneself energy-saving electrical outlet.

"Take care everywhere all business chance. " Zhang Feng thunder says, he invents this " clever " socket, see the office namely in water machine do not have sunset night ground to be in working status all the time, "This does not know to want to waste how many report! "This does not know to want to waste how many report!!

Occupy piece of tempest introduction, this electrical outlet that he invents is special to water machine design, set intelligent sensitization system, benefit consumed line controls electrical outlet by force infirmly the circuit device of switch. By day when, intense radial illuminate is on a special spare parts, at this moment socket is in on-state; Night, when if do not have illumination,going up to this special spare parts, socket can is in close position. Calculate according to him, shut electrical outlet automatically a month at least OK and managing 10 yuan charge of electricity.

Project person searchs capital co-worker to want to be in price control 10 yuan

"This product began a design March this year, had checked in the home at present. " Zhang Feng thunder says he likes to invent a design very much, had not taken out time to make market development and sale. Zhang Feng thunder says, if somebody will invest, can reduce this kind of electrical outlet to arrive the price of terminal market, estimation is controlled in 10 yuan.


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