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"Piercing eye " knowledge leakage of electricity
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Wen Dayan sends one low pressure blank of home of fill of testing system of electric equipment intelligence

The unqualified electrical wiring that receives high temperature ageing, leakage of electricity board, do not escape to cross it " piercing eye " -- let breaker leakage of electricity circuit board is in before leaving factory, undertake intelligence of high temperature ageing detects, increased the security of breaker of leakage of electricity and dependability greatly. A few days ago, the research center of technology of industry of electric equipment of city intelligence electron that teachs Wu Guichu's leadership by lukewarm state university, for Zhejiang development of testing system of circuit board ageing finishs the leakage of electricity that Inc. of peaceful electric equipment develops, apply in production. This achievement fill course of study of domestic low-pressure electric equipment " intelligent ageing detects circuit board " the blank of the domain. In the meantime, this center uses this one former behoove to the high temperature ageing of fluorescent lamp commutator to detect, the breaker that development of this one project achieves protects characteristic intelligence testing system to already was increase production of limited company of switch of Zhejiang electric equipment many yuan 5000.
Line of leakage of electricity testing system of intelligence of road board ageing, the exterior resembles the big freezer of a double door it seems that, it is to arrange inside even " drawer " , each inserts circuit board into " drawer " " groove is seamed " in, actuate machine sets parameter, can begin to detect. The unqualified line that always receives high temperature ageing, leakage of electricity board, do not escape to pass intelligent testing system " piercing eye " , can be found out to fall into disuse one by one, enhanced the dependability of breaker of leakage of electricity and security greatly thereby, improved the product quality of low-pressure electric equipment then. At present the equipment of this project already by peaceful group applies in actual production, everyday OK and automatic ageing detects 5 to circuitry of breaker of 70 thousand leakage of electricity board.
Somebody is not obvious perhaps " breaker " why content. Breaker, it is a building electric low pressure uses electric equipment of the most extensive a kind of protection in distribution unit, the switch of the electric home appliances Previous12 Next

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