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Difference of breaker of domestic and international air is analysed
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Difference of breaker of domestic and international air is analysed Come nearly 10 years, manufacturing industry of breaker of our country air got very great progress, can satisfy the requirement of domestic low-pressure electrified wire netting basically on the amount of the product, class, quality, its are main the product has all-purpose type and model shell type two kinds big.

Current, the breaker of all-purpose type air that our country produces has the series product such as DW15, DWX15, DW16, DW17, DW45, DW47, DW48, breaker of air of model shell type has the series product such as DE20, CW1, S.
After our country joins WTO, foreign product enters home market in succession, have the representative product that has the state such as France, United States, Germany, Switzerland, Japan quite, the main specifications of these national products represented the top level of product of contemporary air breaker.
Can see from inside next watches, the index of difficult capacity of short circuit disjunction of new generation product already very tall, can say to compare real need tower above a lot of. The short-circuit current of 100~150kA is in actually medium applying impossibly, already became target of competition of a kind of trade. From protection the form looks, major product has realized intelligence to change, protective function is very perfect already, can satisfy all sorts of use requirements. Advanced breaker product can take communication interface mostly, support all sorts of spot bus line. Will nearly two years be in Germany the case that report of the institute on exposition of Han Nuowei industry comes out is roughly such also, relatively distinctive product is NT16N1 of Shi Naide company product, its are rated voltaic 1600A, over all dimension is the carapace in all-purpose type breaker wears the grade of identical electric current that announces on international at present size is the smallest, but ability of short circuit disjunction also has 42KA(400V) only. The SentronWL of Xi Menzi company is all-purpose the characteristic of type breaker is series complete, have 3 carapace to wear grade, become integral independence structure severally (do not use photograph pole to spell the) that fit pattern, narrowed thereby big electric current (the formal size of 6300A) grade, raised the dependability of the product.

From the point of the development of foreign breaker, the respect that deserves domestic company to draw lessons from has the following:

The 1 Ics that raises breaker, icu=Ics of do one's best. The user approbates Ics commonly, do not accept Icu to choose breaker. From the point of the manufactory, icu and Ics both are equal, can simplify experiment, reduce an experiment to taste an amount. This produces the actual condition with manufacturer more amount to have economic sense more to our country breaker. Should make Icu=Ics, should raise Ics cost. This needs to consider from two respects: It is to improve destroy arc system, reduce the burn that touch a head. 2 it is to develop hole to wear away the material that touch a head, the requirement touchs head material to be in bear 3 times resistor of the contact after ability of disjunction of big short circuit experiments is stable.
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