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Workmanship detects equipment restricts breaker trade " footstep "
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As industrial automation and urban and rural power supply nobody are on duty technical development, in recent years industry of low-pressure air breaker gets swift and violent development, obtained favorable result. Current, well-known company of domestic company and abroad is same, issueing great strength research and development and roll out new product ceaselessly. From current China low pressure the development characteristic of air breaker looks, with abroad the design of research and development of well-known company thinks of basic synchronism, but the difference that goes up as a result of company financial capacity and personnel quality, domestic him company the product amount to of original creation is not much, the measure that declares invention patent consequently is not much also.
Photograph of advanced level of breaker of Chinese low-pressure air and world is compared, besides the inadequacy on design of research and development, reach in workmanship detect there also is bigger difference on equipment. On workmanship, for example of silver-colored alloy contact solder, short of is touched by the copper of solder piece do not burn red, copper to strike a requirement that does not uphold original hardness by anneal; The inadequacy that flexible connection solders is, by the silver-gilt electric conduction of solder soldering should be not burned in the process red, ability ensures silver-gilt do not become angry by oxidation, but as a result of soldering temperature too low cannot make the copper of flexible connection braids line and electric conduction osculatory place frit is an organic whole, affected the quality of the product thereby.
Detecting respect, leave factory in the enterprise especially detect on, still having many index do not accord with national level and IEC standard, its parameter adjusts allow difference is bigger also, make many products happen in user place thereby ought not to movement and the abnormal appearance that uses by accident. For example short circuit is taken off buckle implement when adjusting a movement to be worth, by the standard the regulation should carry the sine wave electricity of heft of cycle of no more than, but a lot of business equipment are at present simple, the experiment electricity that carry all is contained aperiodic heft, as a result leaves factory adjustment behavioral value is not as exact as foreign congener product. Also individual unit is used increase choose the program that joins brake switch, but as a result of when be being used every time, need to move parameter ability to ensure afresh accuracy, its life is finite at the same time, because this cannot accomplish station platform in practice,press standard desired result. At present abroad already had special facility, use at trying finite, because this cannot accomplish station platform in practice,press standard desired result. At present abroad already had special facility, use at experiment electric current to be do not take aperiodic the sine wave electric current of heft, accord with national level and IEC standard completely.
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