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Chinese god China equipment purchased Inc. of the sources of energy 2008 -- devi
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Announcement of invite public bidding

Divine China international trade is finite liability company suffers China the commission of Inc. of divine China the sources of energy to China equipment purchased Inc. of divine China the sources of energy to make public invite public bidding into travel home 2008, the domestic bidder that invites sincerely qualification now comes round to attend bid.

1, project name: China is magical China equipment purchased Inc. of the sources of energy 2008 -- device of switch of vacuum breaker, automatic disjunction and telecontrol equipment

2, number of invite public bidding: SHIL08020550

3, financing source: Enterprise from prepare

4, content of invite public bidding: Include undermentioned equipment to offer money, carry reach relevant service. (detailed sees document of invite public bidding " invite public bidding goods schedule " )

The first packet: ZN-27.5/1600 28 of 27.5KV vacuum breaker

The 2nd packet: Device of automatic disjunction switch 21 stage

The 3rd packet: Railroad power supply far use a system

5, ask to the qualification of bidder:

Bidder should satisfy requirement of undermentioned and general qualification at the same time:

1) register in People's Republic of China, have independent corporate organization, bidder registers capital to be not gotten under 5 million yuan;

2) must be capable to fulfill requirement of content of invite public bidding and the professional manufacturer that provide goods of invite public bidding and service, have financial condition of the good outstanding achievement that offer money, bank and commercial reputation;

3) bidder was not in the close down that be instructed, belongings to be take-overed, freeze, go bankrupt condition;

4) bidder should offer a bank in open sealed tenders the financial condition that opened inside 3 months a few days ago proves original;

5) pass ISO9000, ISO14001 or quite standard attestation, have corresponding product to produce licence; What offer a product to need to national authority detects orgnaization issued test report;

6) bidder already had the finance affairs that fulfills contract place to need, technology and productivity, financial standing must offer bidder recently 3 years (2004~2006) forms for reporting statistics of audit finance affairs, include flow meter of watch of balance sheet, increase and decrease, cash, among them recently year of turnover of 3 years must not under this second bid 5 times of amount;

7) bidder must be offerred bid product or similar product are in recently detailed list of sale outstanding achievement, answer have what the user offers have 10 at least (set) the user that bids the product moves successfully uses proof original;
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