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The European Union is produced to China " N-NET " converter of fast aether net i
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On June 13, 2008, committee blame feeds the European Union taste kind of fast early warning system (RAPEX) produce to China " N-NET " converter of fast aether net issues the card consumer caution. The bulletin country of this case is Sweden. The converter of fast aether net that reports this is fiber-optic equipment, the mark on gray crust has orange yellow or red " N-NET " mark, and write have white handwriting " 10/100 Base-TX To 100 Base-FX Fast Ethernet Converter " ; The model of converter of this fast aether net / design encode is NT-S1200.
This product presence causes the person that use by tip-and-run danger. This product does not accord with the relative standard EN60950 of the low voltage instruction of the European Union and European Union and EN60065.
Current, swedish director office already gave orders to prohibit sell this goods and its evacuate market and recall.
For this, chinese commerce relieves a website to suggest home concerns production and export business to give to this height takes seriously.   

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