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Air conditioning freezer is ecbolic " 2 turn 3 " socket
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Save qualitative check courtyard: This kind of electrical outlet is done not have prevent function getting an electric shock
Sell a kind in the market now " 2 turn 3 " socket, it can change two aperture electrical outlet into 3 aperture electrical outlet conveniently, and the price is very inviting also. But when accepting a reporter to interview, product of electric equipment of courtyard of province qualitative check detects Director Yang of the room warns customer yesterday, this kind " 2 turn 3 " socket does not have ground connection protector, put in serious safe hidden danger, consumer had better not be bought.
Lift as air temperature, the power consumption such as freezer, air conditioning is used increasingly relative to older electric equipment. And these home appliance often are to use 3 aperture electrical outlet, but in a few consumer in the home, of installation is two aperture electrical outlet however. To resolve this contradiction, on the market one kind " 2 turn 3 " socket emerge as the times require, and sales volume is quite good. Yesterday morning, the reporter discovers when visit, this kind of electrical outlet although price is cheap, as long as 5, 6 yuan of money, but quality also lets a person be at ease hard, kong Fei often shakes socket above also do not have any labels.
Does such electrical outlet use security? Should those problems note again when buying electrical outlet? Yesterday afternoon, the reporter is taking these problems to pledge check courtyard undertakes advisory designedly.
"Normal 3 aperture electrical outlet has ground connection protector, and ' 2 turn 3 ' socket is nominal only one inserts aperture, do not have ground connection protector, did not prevent function getting an electric shock then. If consumer uses this kind of product, do not know the product protects functional word without ground connection again, cause the damage of wiring very easily, more serious is, if the person touchs electric equipment produces accident getting an electric shock likely, cause casualties. " according to saving product of electric equipment of qualitative check courtyard to detect room poplar director introduces, "2 turn 3 " socket is a kind of very insecure product, consumer had better not be bought. Occupy its additionally to remind, when consumer is buying electrical outlet, should see clear product whether have " CCEE " safe attestation mark, whether is there detailed manufacturer home or supplier address, telephone call on the product. Additional, specific provision was made to rated electric current in national level, cent 6A, 10A and 16A 3 level, if have other tag level to all be nonstandard product, consumer also does not buy this kind of product. (Zhang Zuzhen Ceng Zhengyang)  
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