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Data center is safe: PDU captures fire has the fish that be captured
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[dispatch of communication industry net] (reporter Li Bo) current, carry dimension personnel can realize fire suffers from the harm that arises to the computer room, but ignored a few internal cause that produce electric fire however on the action.
What has not in actual life of computer room on fire considered fresh thing, to the harm that conflagration causes to the computer room, carry dimension personnel also been havinging sober knowledge. Face a computer room to use wire multifariously circuit and use n bulkily, they are having discretion be on guard consciousness, from the computer room the design begins to already considered fire prevention demand, also established responsibility to arrive fire prevention of safety of communication equipment room is normative. But inflict of major make plans is flame retardant, prevent igneous situation expand into advocate, to producing electric spark be on guard to still do not reach the designated position, to make computer room fire suffers from eliminate completely.
According to the expert investigation statistic shows, current computer room catchs fire having 30% is caused by power source. "The safety of equipment of a lot of high-tech defends already very complete, but because safeguard personnel neglect unit to power source allocation use, the product comes to the civil electrical outlet with choice technology very low content replace professional power source to distribute unit, cause engine of computer room delay thereby, catch fire wait for a phenomenon to have repeatedly happen. " the circumstance that broke through Chen Wencheng of manager of electrician Cheng department to introduce current PDU to the reporter.
In fact, because did not use security report to be placed in the position with computer room significant fireproof,the account that produces this kind of phenomenon is. Above all PDU is not collect collects establishment of form a complete set, give carry dimension personnel to choose the opportunity that civil electrical outlet replaces. Next, although this kind of product has developed a lot of years in abroad, but enter China very late, just caused the attention of personnel of dimension of a few carry formally 2006, begin to be used in big city stage by stage, up-to-date the value that still a lot of people had not realized it. Although personnel of major use dimension can observe standard of computer room safety seriously, but the deficient to strong report knowledge, let them and did not realize potential igneous cause hidden danger to be in truly all round.
The first line defense line that PDU compose builds safety to use phone
The first defense line that compose builds computer room safety to use phone is most as close as wiring contact " socket " . In the computer room, electrical outlet of major of professional computer room is called normally PDU, POWERDISTRIBUTIONUNIT of English full name, means power source distributes unit. But the PDU that we say normally now is RPDU, namely RACK-POWERDISTRIBUTIONUNIT, it is frame type power source allocation is unit. Also someone calls power source allocation management implement.
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