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Zhongshan city pupil is invented " flexibly energy-saving electrical outlet "
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Zhongshan net dispatch is ferial in, we often are met the outlet with little oversight, after gone electric equipment, laissez-faire, little imagine home appliance bides his time bad news report is spectacular. The reporter learned a few days ago, a pupil of our city was invented " flexibly energy-saving electrical outlet " , can time put through and dump, in order to achieve province report goal.
Inform: Article copyright puts in Zhongshan net 's charge all, give chapter and verse for is asked when reprinting, must withhold the information such as website name, network address, author, must not revise a literary works at will any content, my company finds out reservation law the right. An investigation of center of energy-saving product certification of Http:// our country discovers, urban household is average everyday wait for functional bad news to be 0.36 kilowatt hour, be equivalent to using a 15 long bright lamp to 30 tile. Well-known, great majority uses electric equipment is to pass power source electrical outlet join alternating current source, the power source outlet that should use electric equipment only did not pull out from inside socket, can remain engine loss, however people often is disinclined to pull out power source outlet from inside socket.
Home appliance bides his time this one phenomenon caused bad news report the attention of Liang Jingxi of student of elementary school of stone Qi center. Can design an electrical outlet that has special function, solve those who use electric equipment to bide one's time problem of bad news report? Liang Jingxi begins to think. "Make socket automatic cut off the power, do not unplug with outlet of electric equipment power source also not bad news report. "
Below the help of the directive teacher such as Su Wenhui, liang Jingxi installed an alarm clock on average electrical outlet, when accuse switch, converter. Liang Jingxi says, "Flexibly energy-saving electrical outlet " have time receive electrify source and dump function. Receiving electrify source is when using alarm clock to arrive in formulary time, the thin metal inside can press suddenly downward, and the bare metal of circuit board joins together, let already the memory of connective 3V power source closes from the switch of lock relay, such receiving close from the switch of lock relay in memory the electromagnetism type relay of two end receives electrify source automatically, join two contact of the electromagnetism type relay in 220V alternating current source can join together. Came true to time so the function that receives electrify source. And when dump, move the time is troubled by a bell of alarm clock what he expects to use time of electric equipment end activity first, when coming with time of electric equipment end activity, the thin metal inside alarm clock join with the sheet metal photograph outside alarm clock, such already the memory of connective 3V power source the switch from lock relay by close turn into disconnect, the electromagnetism type relay that receives 9V power source formerly repeatedly through closed switch disconnected with power source, accordingly, of relay connect a contact to also be contacted no longer, whole electrical outlet also cut off the power. This kind cuts off the power it is complete that means makes insert those who go up in socket to use electric equipment cut off the power, go up because of this electrical outlet with electric equipment nonexistent bide one's time used up.   
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