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Beautiful national dimension is vacated " Manhadu " series switch electrical out
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10 years, to a bottle of red wine, already enough accomplishs his to be a bottle of vintage wine. 102 years, to American Li Weiteng, it is to satisfy the preparation that your expectation place makes however.
The United States that held water at new York 1906 establishs the electrical engineering old and well-known family that dimension vacates, all previous effort via 1 many centuries, accomplished its " American high-tech the sources of energy runs an expert " position, familial 3 generation were the development of world electrical engineering trade to make numerous milepost in 102 years of in the past the contribution of type!
The first rolls out feeling type to move light switch
American development business the first building is electric brand
American contractor the first building electric brand
American consumer the first building electric brand
Old historical experience tells the United States Li Weiteng, there is global consumer on the world, have local user only. Although be on electrical engineering market already accumulative total experience of more than 100 years, but to for the Li Weiteng of mature deal with concrete matters relating to work, how to roll out a product that can be favorred by Chinese user place, it is a formidable challenge.
Li Weiteng realizes, chinese people living standard is rising, people grows day and day to the requirement of life quality, from in the past practical model already turned to appreciation stage by stage model, savour already made a kind of fashionable pursuit. Electrical engineering product is no longer duplicate simply, have high quality with the switch electrical outlet of distinctive grade the product is loved by increasing user, this will make switch electrical outlet the direction of consumptive main trend of the product.
In new series product, how to blend in the element that Chinese consumer loves in American style design, made the challenge with the biggest stylist. The design is conceived after many setbacks, proper " the car does not have a road to the doubt before hill " when, the vitality center of world metropolitan new York - Manhadu area, its nobility and the diversity city style that contracted, tradition and contemporary photograph blend aroused the inspiration of Sino-US and top class stylist, casting " Manhadu " series this painstaking effort is crystal! Via round of user of 9 the test is reached after revising, stylist people just be born finally. Sino-US and top class stylist people gift meticulously " Manhadu " 3 big innovation:
The United States is contemporary and aesthetic as shirt-sleeve as traditional culture photograph: Manhadu fastens the center of assemble of culture of world each district. Stand tall and upright in the Statue of Liberty that insular entrance is in Manhadu, was 1876 the United States founds a state hundred years when, the birthday present that France sends; Go up the Lincoln center of the area is the artistic assembly room with the biggest whole world on the west, what with the Gelinnizhi that Manhadunei represents halfback art the village differs is, it is decorous here the arena with classic art, also be advanced intellectual and cultural worker living area. And the delegate that serves as the design that cross a boundary: "Manhadu " series also is the first light face and wear arenaceous face the switch electrical outlet of perfect union product. Frame uses smooth face to design, make product vision exterior has contemporary feeling more, and exceedingly good dustproof function, let feel relaxed and bright and clean with the home; Switch key-press is used grind arenaceous face design, reflected the estimation of comfortable to using the home feel. Manhadu the contain of the design that cross a boundary of lead stylist people to how letting contemporary aesthetic feeling and the pursuit with traditional harmonious and unified culture, and the desire that experiences together with the user!
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