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If why cable company stabilizes development in intense market competition
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Wire cable industry passes rapid development of nearly ten years, our country has become big state of cable of a wire. Begin from Summer 2002 " electric shortage " promoted our country electric power especially the rapid development that power source builds. As " 915 " of the program carry out, on the west report east send, the construction of large-scale electrified wire netting such as net of couplet of look of enlarge of step up of framework electrified wire netting, whole nation will be wire cable industry to provide vast development space. On the other hand, undeniable is, the wire cable industry of our country, big and not strong, facing a lot of contradiction and difficulty, restricting the development of wire cable company badly, accuse what what Jiang Xipei points out a group president like far east in that way, measure of industry of cable of our country wire is numerous, amount to more than 7000, but great majority is medium and small businesses, a lot of have far from productivity, quality is controlled and detect wait for necessary step " mill business " be able to mix mark at wire cable industry in, add raw material to rise ceaselessly brought management pressure, make fake, manufacture in a rough way, jerry, shoddy phenomenon is banned repeatedly more than, be not mark product be current, not only bury played tremendous safe hidden trouble, still make the business that produces lawfully and agency have difficulty walking. Additional, eye covetously of foreign capital enterprise, be covetous on this our big cake, accordingly, how to do do by force big our ethical cable, be worth us to think.
So, to wire cable company, if where,intense market competition achieves the fast, health of oneself, abiding progress.
Above all, wire cable company should be nodded to be cut with business management, regard a when improve enterprise beneficial result significant move as management. Government gives benefit, government goes productivity. To wire cable industry orchid says, management is attached most importance to especially should. Well-known, wire cable industry is " expect heavy industry is small " industry, for company of not high to technical level Chinese wire cable, particularly such. Accordingly, the product cost of the enterprise is occupied to go by raw material 80% , that is to say, the cost that basically has 20% only is OK adjusting control. How to fall this cost of 20% as far as possible, had made the important way of enterprise huff competition ability.
Next, technical innovation is the prime factor that enhances competition ability of wire cable company, as the arrival of intellectual economy times, with innovation seek development already made the only way that current company grows, technical innovation also becomes contemporary company to develop main alternative, it is to raise company competition ability and the key that can expand capacity continuously. Only ceaseless development goes technical content the product with tall, good quality, company ability is in intense market competition remain invincible. To wire cable industry, technical innovation is more main, on one hand, content of wire cable technology is low, make the industry enters a doorsill low, market competition will be more intense, on the other hand, as rapid development of the society, people is higher and higher to the requirement of high-end cable, all sorts of " environmental protection cable " the first selection that makes consumer. But technical innovation easier said than done, want to make technical innovation, raise technical content, must want to have a long-term development outlook, a lot of wire cable companies, shortsighted, devoid air, to the devoted and serious inadequacy of new product and new technology, the further progress that restricted a company thereby expands.
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