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Industry experts pointed out: mobile socket industry to be upgraded
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"Golden September and silver October" has always been the most intense electronics manufacturers compete for a period of home appliance system as an important part but easily overlooked - the sales outlet industry has also ushered in the golden period. Press survey found that, with the continuous improvement of quality of life, people's consumption concept is from the past can be used on the line and began the pursuit of product branding, quality, personalized, fashion, more secure, high performance. In this regard, industry experts pointed out that urgent need to upgrade China's mobile outlet industry.

Today, China's household electrical appliances not only significantly enhance the quality, appearance has also been a huge change, but closely linked to their mobile outlet, not only the appearance of little change for decades, throughout the relevant department's sampling results also show that the quality is not optimistic.

Zizhuqiao Suning stores in Beijing, a consumer told reporters that his new house under renovation, most of the appliances have been selected, but the purchase and electrical outlet matches left him very hesitant, because the socket is inherited white rectangular terminal board for many years the old way, and not at home, coordination of the design.

Promoters told reporters, the power outlet is an important reason for causing the accident. Socket is not good, likely to cause damage to household appliances and electric shock, even when serious fire threat to people's property and lives. In fact, many accidents caused by the electrical appliances, household electrical appliances is not the problem itself, but because of the socket due to poor quality, so naturally you want the best quality home appliance stores, the best guarantee of security products into the smart socket position, to facilitate consumer purchase. However, in some wholesale and cheap building materials market outlet is difficult reassuring.

Superman Group Company Ltd. to be positive also told reporters that they lasted four month investigation found that the current outlet industry, the same phenomenon is very serious not only in product performance and appearance of homogeneity, the lack of demand for consumer personal The design, while also in marketing and brand management on the homogenization.

Survey indicates that consumers plug the brand's attention is very low, can not be said that many consumers use home outlet brands. At the same time, consumers want to buy qualified outlet channel is also very broad, such as electronics stores, digital stores, home city and other building materials, but the current business scope of supply is difficult to meet consumer demand.

According to the relevant department of the outlet market sales survey, every year the demand for our outlet in 100 million or more. Industry experts told reporters that China's power outlet is now in the development of market transition, there are already many companies started the production of safe outlet and gradually expand the market. If carried out last year "and shops with thousands of" activities, based on Philips continue to increase this year in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Dalian and other cities built dozens of shop. Beijing Newman has put forward the concept of sub-socket industry, which lasted two years, independent research and development of intelligent power converter (saving the king) products, and products for intelligent segmentation. The enterprises in the small appliance industry relying on decades of technology and market accumulation, Superman Group launched its mobile socket is a strong brand "TOV extension Viagra", not only to provide consumers with quality products, also will launch a Chinese knot, music box , UFO and other special shape products to meet the individual needs of consumers.

Experts pointed out that outlet industry segments is the development direction of the market demand, industry, science and technology into a concrete manifestation of socket. Only through keeping with this trend, the innovation can come to the fore in the industry and lead the industry toward a new era of socket.

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