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Quality Technology breakthroughs household electricity socket and build a "fi
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The annual "119" National Day is approaching fire, recently, Ministry of Public Security Fire Department to "119" Fire at campaign deployed a "national concern fire and life safety first" as the promotional theme of mobilizing the entire community of common concern joint participation and work together to promote fire safety. Meanwhile, across the country to "cherish life" the main line of the fire control propaganda and education and training activities are well underway. Fire Department publicly available data, in 2009 alone, a total of 127,000 fires, the death of 1076 people and injuring 582 people, the direct property loss 1.32 billion yuan (CCTV new site into the park during the fire loss statistics not), read from the direct cause of the fire, electrical fire at the top. Generally refers to electrical fires due to electrical lines, electrical equipment, electrical apparatus and power distribution equipment failure of the release of energy such as heat, arc, spark and non-failure of the release of heat such as hot surface, such as electric appliances, the availability of combustion conditions Under the body, or other combustible materials ignited the fire caused, but also caused by lightning and static electricity fire. It is understood that nearly 80% of the electrical outlet fire originated in the poor, particularly poor housing and socket connector material, is the biggest culprit induced fires. Droughts autumn and winter, it is a variety of fire-prone season. And because of climate cooling, air conditioning, electric heaters and other heating devices commonly used high-power, so that a substantial increase in the probability of fire. How to select those safe, secure socket products, property and family for the family to provide electrical safety protection, we must consider! As the outlet industry pioneer and leader in the retardant Electric Co., Ltd. Beijing break, fire techniques ahead of their family's bodyguard has been a domestic plug socket "quality" and "security" of the symbol, both in product quality , or in the science and technology, the breakthrough all-round socket outlet ahead of other similar products, can effectively prevent household electrical fires. First of all, breaking the socket shell is specially developed in U.S. PC UL94V the highest standards of fire safety engineering plastics alloys with high heat resistance characteristics, the overall temperature of more than 102 degrees C without deformation. In addition, the material is rich in anaerobic factor, has excellent flame resistance, the case of fire that quickly break down, cut off the oxygen to prevent combustion, flame temperatures up to 850 degrees Celsius! Second, breaking the internal set of plug socket with a super turn-metallic materials - tin (P) bronze, using one of the copper strip, copper-free solder joint and a wide cross section technology manufacturing, has good wear resistance and conductivity, and the design of ultra-low temperature space, full load power for an hour, the temperature only 20 degrees Celsius, far below the national standard of 45 degrees Celsius, can effectively prevent the component heating. There are a lot of outlets now look slim, sleek shape, but easy to plot heat, the shell due to material problems, easy to become soft and easy to deformation when heated, so long working hours, or even spontaneous combustion fire accidents. The selection is not only superior break socket, excellent quality, but also possesses lightning, anti-surge, anti-overload and leakage protection and many other security features to cut off the source of fire hazard, will reduce the possibility of household electricity accident minimum. It can be said, breaking the socket outlet as a typical representative of high quality, is a trusted brand, so worry-free household electricity, no fire to the environment can prevent!

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