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Bid farewell to the era household outlet to spread the goods are to force a bre
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Recently, many parts of the national quality supervision department of Trade and Industry conducted a spot check of switches and sockets for testing, the results can not be optimistic. To media reports, Heilongjiang, home appliance products on the market outlet pass rate was 35%, Beijing, Guangdong There are many areas such as batch outlet Heibang. With the improved economic environment and rising living standards, as an important household accessories, in addition to the basic requirements of power and safety features, those features unique, modern design, fashion and be able to demonstrate Lifestyle socket products, more and more popular and sought after consumers. Correspondingly, the current market, most of the outlet there is poor quality products, safety performance can not be guaranteed, single function, homogeneous Of serious, boring style, there is no decoration to speak of other ills. It is understood that a breakthrough Electric Co., Ltd. Beijing's breakthrough outlet, safety, functional, decorative perfect blend of the three, able to fully meet consumer demand for all levels of use, plug in the lead market development Trends, but also showing care and consideration for the user. Security, the breakthrough in the internal set of plug sockets with tin (P) made of bronze, with good conductivity and wear resistance. Current consumption, low temperature, full load power for an hour, the temperature rise is only 20 ℃, far below the country House standard 45 ℃, the same time, insert set at least 5000 do not damage the plug, durable. The shell either high flame retardant engineering plastics manufacturing heat-resistant alloy, rich in anaerobic factor, excellent flame retardant properties, self-extinguishing temperature not lower than 850 ℃, Overall heat 超过 102 ℃ without distortion, in line with UL94V international standards. Functionality, the breakthrough plug adhering to the "science and technology to create a safe" brand philosophy, the introduction of a variety of leading technology outlet area, the fire leakproof, professional smart mine, deterioration protection, bodyguards against overload switch, love Center double-action protective doors five core technology to safe use of electricity for home appliances and their families to provide comprehensive protection. On this basis, according to the different use of the environment, breaking through socket each product also has the power filter, Intelligent memory, one to one control and other unique features, greatly improve the use of the product targeted and convenience. Decorative, the breakthrough design and development of plug fully into account contemporary products and products into the environment being used, not only break the routine, the pace of keeping up the trend, making the products more beautiful, more stylish, in saving Space, the role of decorative environment, but also far beyond the other similar products. Recently introduced its new product line socket as the representative of wisdom, form stable atmosphere, fine fashion, technology and strong sense, slant plug, LED display Screen design Dengjun imitation leather industry to create a precedent. And, every product is an electrical environment for the development of more harmonious to the visual environment cleaner. Previously, mention socket, often lead to cheap, inferior, dull, ugly and other associations, with one word summed up, is "to spread the goods" in the domestic industry is not sufficiently standardized socket large background, it is the image of anti- Reflects the socket products of the times. Now, with the awakening of national awareness of safe use of electricity, switches, sockets and socket implementation of the new national standard acceleration of international trade, the end of an era not far off. As the line Industry leader, breaking the socket, "high-end, fashion, quality" image, no doubt for the outlet industry, "old age" the end provides a powerful comment!

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