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Breakthrough of wireless network technology sees high-definition TV program no l

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Hall of campus, apartment, coffee... . . Increasing person undertakes through WiFi wireless get online. Since people is long-term to accepting any obligations, visit Internet at any time and place, the longing that enjoys program of video of high quality frequency is becoming reality. Nevertheless, because be used environmental molestation easily, transmit speed actually of WiFi often not tall, satisfy real time to transmit video hard, did not come especially the demand of high-definition TV, wiFi got in farther application of future very big limitation.
Nevertheless, the United States in authority is electric a few days ago electronic engineer association (IEEE) on 802 congress, the settlement with a new wireless network revolutionary technology this one problem. More conspicuous is, this new technology that offers by Chinese company has prepared to apply international standard.
IEEE (association of engineer of American electric electron) in include network of land with certain boundaries of local area network, wireless local area network, city inside many domains have authoritative place. The WiFi that applies extensively for compatriots at present is wireless online standard maintains by this committee namely.
On March 13, on the IEEE802 plenary meeting that in American Florida Orlando holds, the high-tech company that comes from China -- limited company of science and technology of software of Beijing new water front sufferred congress to invite exceed high speed broadband about " of " of solution of wireless local area network carry a newspaper.
It is reported, this newest solution can transmit the actual network of WiFi speed to raise one times, what can make sure WiFi has each wireless business not only is fluent move, can realize an user to watch the dream of high-definition TV program through wireless network more.
The evaluation when academician of Wu Hequan of assistant dean of Chinese Academy of Engineering is accepting China Daily website to interview says: "The freeboard of new water front fast solution of wireless local area network is relatively advanced on the technology, transmission rate is tall, floating quality good, function is more perfect. Those who serve as him Chinese is patent, we support and encourage them to strive for make international standard. "
To this new plan that Chinese company offers, mi Ersi of O of Shi Difu of chairman of IEEE Committee on Standard (Steve Mills) waited for a person to give take seriously greatly very much. The industry tycoon such as Intel, Microsoft also showed strong interest to plan of new water front, this technology that is willing to drive China jointly together with new water front in succession moves toward international.
The whole world is wireless 2006 market of local area network rises with splitting speed, value of market total prices can amount to 5 billion dollar, predict a few years dimensions of market of wireless local area network will carry 40% growth rate of the left and right sides henceforth. According to the report that IDC issues, to 2009, the sale of chip of wireless local area network will achieve 487 million, sales revenue will reach 3 billion dollar. If China exceeds the innovation technology of high speed local area network this to make international standard, will by the whole world each are big the company is used extensively, commercial application perspective is very wide. (N101)

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