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Luo Gelang sends force China " Wang Zhe returns "
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Luo Gelang sends force China " Wang Zhe returns "

Luo Gelang, a brand that in global electrician the industry awakens the deaf, going to fund of Chinese customer fund.
Luo Gelang sends force China " Wang Zhe returns " on October 23, buy the Luogelang that keeps low-key after TCL international is electrical engineering with great quantity, in Shanghai high-key hold a theme to be " switch is Caesarean, freely whole world " taste newly appear on the market news briefing, global synchronism is rolled out " Major (beautiful the rank of nobility) " series electrician is tasted newly. More than 100 agency of countrywide that have actual strength quite and numerous multimedia are present congratulation, make of this electrical engineering industry " costly regale " appear atmosphere and compelling. By 2005, gigantic endowment buy " China is electrical engineering the first brand " -- TCL international is electrical engineering, luo Gelang from this eye shot of consumer of China of make one's bow. The Luogelang with uncommon skill caused information of information of association of accessory of electric equipment of association of Chinese electric equipment, China, China to communicate net, whole nation the attention of client of each big designing institute, industry and agency, when legitimate people guesses Luogelang will have what big movement next in succession, it however the unexpectedly chose low-key processing. Luo Gelang -- " the whole world is electric the first brand " , held water 1860, already had history of more than 140 years up to now, hold global switch electrical outlet the market share of 18% . In Europe and America, luo Gelang was represented " professional, history is long precede with the technology " . Luo Gelang in the whole world 60 many countries built a branch, professional work is begun in 160 many countries, year business income exceeds 31 billion yuan of RMB, global employee sum total exceeds 31000 people. Luo Gelang belongs to typical innovation enterprise, have more than 5000 patent technologies and the team of research and development of a more than 1800 people, its product with " costly " celebrated. Current, luo Gelang has employee to exceed 3000 people in China.
Can of business development strategy says classical. Come for years, it is held to all the time " purchase development, development is bought again " the company develops the strategy, bought with great quantity numerous electrical engineering like TCL international such enterprise, already exceeded 30 brands up to now.
Enter Chinese market from 1994, luo Gelang is seeking an opportunity silently all the time, the long survey that undertook is as long as 10 years to Chinese enterprise and market and analysis, by 2005, eventually " do not cry 10 years, amaze the people with a single brilliant feat " , very quickly and the eldest child that makes be worthy of the name of Chinese electrical engineering market, chinese electrical engineering market does it sidelong glance.
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