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About CIW attestation
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As CIW attestation be obtained by extensive acknowledge inside alive bound limits the outstanding achievement of arrogant person, the acknowledge to CIW attestation course spends Chinese area with demand also grow day and day. At the beginning of 2004, prosoftTraining company and ITOM cooperate, introduce attestation of CIW webpage stylist China, the region state of affairs that is aimed at China assessed course the respect such as the standard to undertake improvement from language, setting and attestation, conformity is rolled out " stylist of webpage of CIW China attestation " attestation project. of net of ]b@9 e"MB(r6O electrical outlet
Stylist of webpage of CIW China attestation is lover of staff of development of the member that design producer to the webpage, Web and webpage design tool of the development of integrated application webpage that make undertakes design of professional, efficient Web and the authority of the ability that make maintain. *0fI k CDH ? of net of H electrical outlet
Stylist of webpage of CIW China attestation slants on curricular setting overweight Web design and make, aim to design the concept, rich dynamic rise applying that what program, interactive multimedia makes the integrated ability such as means distinctly through student application, creation gives most intuitionistic, efficient Web work. D`_ . of net of MRaxC;]JVr electrical outlet
Obtain " the webpage makes an expert " , " Flash animation makes an expert " and " image handles an expert " the student of certificate of 3 divisions attestation will obtain ProsoftTraining company to issue " stylist of webpage of CIW China attestation " authoritative certificate. of net of 8 8wL (}U=OqW=dB^q@ electrical outlet
`Cc{? of net of O-W"g w; 6p electrical outlet
U- Y/ of CIW international attestation €E FM71se! of net of O8] electrical outlet
The surmounts manufacturer setting Internet letter that the whole world has authoritative place most got Internet expert society (AIP) , association of international website administrator (IWA) , internet certificate orgnaization (ICII) , of center of qualification of InfoComm of country of Hong Kong Association for Computing Machinery, Singapore approbate.

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