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Electrician of electric power of international of 2007 lukewarm cities and discr
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Hold a place: Wen Zhou international exhibition center
Sponsor an unit: Government office of civil administration of person of lukewarm state city

Association of Chinese electric equipment industry

Technology of economy of Chinese light industry cooperates company

Zhejiang province is electric guild

Sponsor time: In Feburary 2007 25, 27 day

Contact means: Address: Edifice of evening paper of highway of new city of Chinese Wen Zhou town 7 buildings

Contact: Zip of Wang Yanyan postcode: 325000

Phone Tel: 86-577-88901998

Fax Fax: 86-577-88905178

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Postpone meeting introduction:

■ nearly two years, the whole nation has 24 provinces city to be forced to pull brake to be restricted early or late report, predict the whole nation 2006 will still amount to above of 20 million kilowatt with electric breach.

■ investigation of couplet of the report in the basis predicts, this year of countrywide put into production generate electricity outfit machine total dimensions will be in above of 75 million kilowatt, to the end of this year the whole nation embraces some generating electricity to install aircraft total capacity to will be close to 600 million kilowatt, continue to reside the world the 2nd.

Predict to add installed capacity newly 2006 to still can maintain in above of 60 million kilowatt, predict to generate electricity equipment child industry and electric power just a little second equipment child industry sales revenue will maintain rapid growth.

■ according to calculating 2006 ~ amplitude of countrywide electricenergy production was in 2010 4.5% the left and right sides, 2006 ~ all increase electricenergy production every year 2010 77 billion KW of 660 ~ · H. Compare computation according to experience form a complete set, need breaker of low-pressure frame type every year to make an appointment with 480 thousand, breaker of model shell type 4.62 million, the need of product of of all kinds and low-pressure electric equipment measures other very considerable also.

The 4 large dominant positions that lukewarm city makes exhibition of major of electric equipment industry

Industrial basis

Electric industry has Wen Zhou company of many 20 group of many 30 industry, joint-stock company, production amounts to many 1500, have 5 industry of countrywide electric equipment is only " Chinese well-known logo " , electric equipment of its low pressure, electron yuan the industry such as electron of parts of an apparatus, electric equipment shares 3400 breed to get a ministry to issue manufacturing license. Come a few years, lukewarm city happy Qing Dynasty is awarded about the branch by the country in succession " of Chinese electric equipment " , " base of property of electric equipment of intelligence of national torch plan " , " Chinese electron yuan base of property of parts of an apparatus " and " Chinese exact pattern produces base " wait for honorary title. Current, the lukewarm city electrician that takes for the center with willow city is formed collectivize, enterprise is changed, the big production situation of socialization already made countrywide scale of production the strongest, market has the biggest, productivity lead highest, product variety the industry with most, the most all ready sort, .
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