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Attestation standard: Meet era of attestation of function of electric home appli
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Lu Jianguo: Be engaged in metric system of electric home appliancesSummarize / of net of GY3nwk8P# [x%=8 electrical outlet
In goods production and merchandise trade process, formed buyers and sellers naturally. The bargainor does his utmost to publicize the actor of product quality what kind through all sorts of channel to achieve its to promote the goal of commodity, call achieve some kind of level to accord with some standard, borrow this to win the accredit of buyer and welcome; Buyer is the goods that purchases him satisfaction, to commodity uncertainty of the bargainor, try to deny to its commodity even. Because practical experience tells them, the bargainor's conduct propaganda often exaggerates fact, included certain beguiling sex even, but the method that does not have appraisal commodity again and the knowledge that identify commodity actor bad. Accordingly, the person that with respect to longing a tripartite serves as justice will prove the quality of commodity, this is us say normally " tripartite attestation " . Product certificate of quality produces below such condition. Qd(WR | of net of G@cU)~c@` electrical outlet
Technology progress promoted the amplification of industrial scale of production and development, commodity produces the constant growth of breed and amount, accelerated the process of system of each country product certification again. Begin from 20 centuries, developed country of a lot of industry or economic powerful nation, built the system of certificate of quality of own country in succession. 20 centuries are earlier the fifties, flower, a lot of countries such as law, day, beautiful, Canada, Belgian, Portuguese, Denmark, Finland, for the scar after cure World War II, restore national industry quickly, implement the product certification system that uses legal level early or late, stipulated product of a lot of industry wants to the standard is produced and need to obtain the attestation that authoritative appraisal orgnaization issues to indicate. As a result of certification system build and carry out, make these countries got remarkable economic result, opened product market, occupational home market. The benefit that already got to consolidate, these countries use product certification system in international trade again, in making certification system grew international trade " technical camp " . Accordingly, a lot of countries also in succession follow the lead of, the interest that protects native company in order to expand native foreign trade, such certificate of quality got rapid development all over the world, all developed countries build respective certification system of product quality in succession with a lot of developing countries. J0y €= 2 &W^3OZf^ ! of net of  electrical outlet
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