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Of Zhang Jindong build share price of electric equipment of rich motion Su Ning
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All previous turns via sending high 3 times, with appearing on the market first days closing quotation price buys the investor of stock of Su Ning electric equipment, inside two years of short half time, accrual is as high as 20 times. Hold the Zhang Jindong of person of door of palm of Su Ning electric equipment of stock of 210 million Su Ning, individual fortune also exceeded 10 billion yuan

Regard the another myth of Chinese capital market as classic, su Ning electric equipment (002024) (prices, information) growing course makes a person acclaim as the peak of perfection.

On July 21, 2004, su Ning electric equipment appears on the market in the platelet in Shenzhen, closing quotation price is 32.7 yuan that day, current an altogether just 25 million. When the end of the year Su Ning is rolled out 10 turn the plan of 10 share out bonus that send 1 yuan, rolled out again on June 30, 2005 10 turn the plan of share out bonus of 8, a year in capital stock enlarged 3.6 times; And outstanding achievement, every accrual end 2004 is 1.95 yuan, the bottom was 1.05 yuan 2005, profit is outspread full one times; Share price is more go up madly all the way, go up from 32 yuan 70 yuan, fill authority to go to 36 yuan by 26.8 yuan except authority again, fill authority to reach 58 yuan by 19.3 yuan except authority again. After equity divides buy to reform, metaphase was rolled out once more 2006 10 turn 10 minutes to distribute program, share price went up madly 23.96 yuan once more from what divide authority hind 73 yuan. By calculate after answer authority entirely, su Ning's share price is in two years short inside the time of half the most rising went to 657 yuan, it is to appear on the market first days 20 times of closing quotation price. Zhang Jindong of person of door of palm of Su Ning electric equipment holds shares of some 210 million Su Ning, according to at present share price is calculated, individual fortune has exceeded 10 billion yuan.

Primitive accumulation

In December 1990, zhang Jindong of 27 years old, with " unripe calf is not afraid of a tiger first " energy resigned permanent worker is made, next area is hired to be not worth the wicket face of 200 square metre on the Nanjing peaceful sea route that is far from busy streets, establish to specialize in the small company with wholesale air conditioning, began the poineering course of individual and Su Ning electric equipment. Depend on the advantage of par, be in the first year of go into business, su Ning electric equipment accomplished 60 million yuan turnover, zhang Jindong's individual also had 10 million yuan money. 1993, air conditioning sale of Su Ning achieves 300 million yuan, become country very quickly agency of the biggest air conditioning.

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