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Chinese edition ROHS3 carries out a likelihood 1 days month to bring about home
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Times dispatch (reporter Liu Li) rise from March 1, on home market 10 kinds add up to a variety of 1800 electronic information products must be added stick marked environmental protection to indicate, this is to removed what carry out formally on March 1 " label of control of pollution of electronic information product asks " what set.

To this, home appliance expert expressed yesterday, new rule will bring not little cost pressure to industry business, the company of business was not exported before this especially, the likelihood will encounter " transition " difficult problem.

Involve product of 10 kinds of electron information

According to the regulation, since March 1, home is all the electronic information product that enters the market to contain poisonous and harmful material, must use the means that stick a mark or is written in product manual, bright term of service of the name of the poisonous and harmful material that in showing a product, contains or element, content, environmental protection and can deny when discard reclaim use wait for information, consumer sees when buy the mark can know complete information.

It is reported, the category that electronic information product includes has electric equipment of electron of equipment of electron of black home appliance, medical treatment, family expenses to wait for 10 kinds big to add up to 1800 kinds of products, include computer of mobile phone, notebook, table machine computer, home appliance, DC, DV, MP3, MP4, printer to wait, but the white home appliance such as the air conditioning in home appliance, washing machine, freezer is absent because of belonging to electronic information product to be added compulsively stick.

Contaminative prevention and cure conforms with international

In fact, be in early the European Union adopted ROHS statement in January 2003, namely in the electron the limitation in electric equipment uses statement of certain and harmful material. For this, the branch also came on stage 2004 related our country " electronic information product pollutes measure of government of prevention and cure " . Last year on Feburary 28, hair of MII combination country changes appoint waited for 7 ministries and commissions to make content more refine " administrative measure " , the personage inside course of study says for " Chinese edition ROHS " .

A famous home appliance of domestic makes the controller of the enterprise express to the reporter, this second " method " institute restriction uses harmful raw material and European Union environmental protection to dictate place bans used raw material identical, "This also is meant, our country pollutes field of management of prevention and cure to quickening the pace that conforms with international in electronic information product. "
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