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Abroad carries out the experience of system of energy efficiency label and enlig
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Energy efficiency marks (the following abbreviation can effect marks) , it is to be added in bad news can product or its are the smallest on packing, show the ticket of a kind of information of the function index such as grade of product energy efficiency, the purpose is be user and consumer buy decision-making provide necessary information, with guide and helping consumer preference high-energy effect is energy-saving product, affect cost thereby can products plan and market sale, in order to promote a product can of effect raise the progress with energy-saving technology. G5=vLLyGUi9ZW | of net of /G} electrical outlet
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Can investment of effect label system is little, get effective fast, big to consumer influence. Current, already 37 countries and area were carried out can effect label system, obtained remarkable energy-saving, environmental protection and economic benefits. of net of = 8 q1iMjb{s=b" electrical outlet
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European Union committee is united at promulgating an European Union in September 1992 can effect label code () of guideline of label of 92/75/EEC energy efficiency, the energy efficiency grade that asks to produce business to give a product in the mark on its product, year the information such as energy consumption, make user and consumer can undertake comparative mixing to the function of specific power consumption of different brand product sort. Current, the European Union is right already appliance of family expenses freezer, washing machine, illume, air conditioning implement waited for 7 kinds of products to carry out mandatory can effect marks. of net of M~KO7'VWCm~yzm*H& electrical outlet
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The European Union is to rely on mode of manufacturer ego statement to be carried out successfully can the example that effect marks. Manufacturer tests the product of themselves in admissive test lab, tag its to check a result on the label, now and then the test orgnaization that also uses tripartite has a test. Carry out from the European Union can since effect marks, ever had appeared enterprise ego states can the phenomenon with effect serious and lack fidelity information. But up to now, want the information accuracy on product label to be oppugned only, after be checked to confirm by tripartite, manufacturer can undertake marking afresh to its product. Mark to ensure the accuracy of information, in October 1997, the European Union started the ego between manufacturer to supervise a mechanism, this complemented greatly the ego statement mode of the European Union. This mechanism is aided financially by Manufacturers Association of equipment of European family expenses, the manufacturer that allows any autographs to make an appointment with or supplier are right other vendor place is stickup can the accuracy that effect marks raises doubt. If cannot solve the doubt that raises directly, should be in so the lab has a test to having interrogative electric equipment, if cannot be reached in the lab of the test,agree, answer to have a test in independent laboratory. The duty of law of executive European Union belongs to each member country, because this each country is right the supervisory examination mechanism of the label and condemnatory form are different. Be like France, accurate to doing not have bright the shopkeeper that shows a label undertakes announce is criticized, if had not gotten corrective, to lodge a complaint. of net of electrical outlet of ZS Ei`#xu~ 1x4
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