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Japanese freezer is newest can effect standard brief introduction
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According to Japan about the sources of energy reasonable use law (1979 49 law, abbreviation is energy-saving law) the 78th, japanese economy industry is saved (METI) decides and announced decide manufacturer and importer are in the standard of respect of special and mechanical performance improvement, namely " the sources of energy consumes efficiency level " . 2006, japanese freezer can effect standard edits again, economic industry province released target year to be 2010 money year new standard. It is reported, this standard applies to the freezer of 2006 regulations of ∶ of JIS9801 of Japanese industry standard and report to put ark on the ice, do not include to absorb type freezer, semi-conductor type refrigerator, car to carry freezer, business to carry cold ark and business to use cold ark with freezer, car these a few kinds of products.

New standard edits content

New standard is mixed according to refrigeration means, rated cubage of safe door amount different, family expenses freezer cent is A, B, C, D4 category, ark respect is put on the ice in report, it is the different cent according to refrigeration means and rated cubage is E, F, G3 category (1) seeing a table. New standard sets, each make a manufacturer be faced inside target year (Japan) home puts ark on the ice for each kinds of freezer of goods and report, according to JIS9801 ∶ the measurement technique of 2006 regulations, increase advantageous position its every kinds of product measures what the sources of energy that reach uses up efficiency to increase advantageous position for goods harmonic average (year power consumption) do not get standard of prep above target to be worth.

Method of power consumption test

The sources of energy of Japanese freezer uses up efficiency is to point to year of power consumption, this index is the freezer that is 50Hz and 60Hz in the light of rated frequency according to JISC9801 ∶ 2006(, bigger cost should be taken when computation) medium regulation will calculate. The temperature to freezer compartment can be moved to what refrigerate temperature mode to refrigerate refrigerant freezer, its year power consumption should be calculated by different pattern, take bigger cost.

Because home appliance product changes speed is accelerated, use new technology, function to stronger product is developed ceaselessly and make the mainstream product that the market consumes. For more adjacent and actual use state, japanese freezer power consumption checked a method to undertake several times editing. 1979, JIS standard (the method that JISC9607) regards a kind of computation as freezer specific power consumption is put forward. 1993, to maintain the accord of method of the calculation between the country and repeatability, ISO standard is born. 1999, edit the requirement of JISC9801 was carried, because the use environment of freezer and structure produced a change,undertaking editing to it is (of much door freezer be born) , the standard after editing is used to come 2006.
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