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Attestation of safety of boreal Europe Shikoku indicates
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Nordic mark

Attestation of safety of boreal Europe Shikoku indicates: Utility: Industrial equipment, mechanical equipment, communication equipment, electric product, individual defends appliance, family expenses product. of net of T).MAg#6BbtE4V[b electrical outlet
Boreal Europe Shikoku is to point to Norway, sweden, finnish, denmark. The attestation of this Shikoku established an agreement surely between the orgnaization, approve each other test result each other. Change character, the product that wants you only is obtained among them the attestation of country of the any in boreal Europe Shikoku, if you return 3 of need the others national attestation, you do not need to offer a product to undertake detecting again, OK easily obtain letter. of net of & Z#C na7A6wME ` electrical outlet
Attestation of boreal Europe Shikoku is to point to NEMKO respectively (association of standard of Norwegian electric equipment) , SEMKO (association of standard of Swedish electric equipment) , DEMKO (association of standard of Danish electric equipment) with FIMKO (association of standard of Finnish electric equipment) attestation. Among them, have NEMKO to indicate a series of safety that passed Norwegian attestation on behalf of this product check, pound with ensuring the product can endure physical loss, combustion and electron. NDMKO mark is in after evaluation inside 10 years effective, crossed period of efficacy to must have a test afresh. Have SEMKO mark to explain this product and European standard are uniform.

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