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Country of water heater burning gas can effect standard came on stage in July
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This year July, the country of water heater burning gas can effect mark brigadier comes on stage formally. At the appointed time, all water heater burning gas will according to can effect level differentiates 3 grade, consumer can pass water heater to go up can effect expresses ground of be clear at a glance to identify.

As we have learned, began to carry out July this year " family expenses lights gas water heater can effect standard " lieutenant general regulation, the thermal efficiency of the product is not gotten under 84% , short of the enterprise of this one standard is eliminated the possibility. The regulation is returned in the standard, according to the lowermost thermal efficiency of the product the value differentiates the product for 3 grade, among them thermal efficiency is in 84% ~ of 88% for 3 class; 88% ~ 92% between for 2 class; Thermal efficiency is worth not under 94 % for one class.

The personage inside course of study thinks, new bid brigadier lights those who enrage water heater industry to shuffle quickly, of more convenient also consumer choose. And the development trend that will not light gas water heater will be efficient and energy-saving condensation type water heater, its undertake the waste gas of eduction recycle through certain technology, raise thermal efficiency effectively to be worth thereby.


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