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Environmental protection indicates in March 1 add compulsively stick white repor
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On Feburary 26 message, rose on March 1, the electronic information product that always puts China on the market will be added compulsively to stick a marked environmental protection to indicate. These electronic information products involve head of Electromechanical of computer of mobile phone, notebook, table, home appliance, DC, DV, MP3, MP4, printer to wait, but the white home appliance such as the air conditioning in home appliance, washing machine, freezer is absent because of belonging to electronic information product to be added compulsively stick.

According to MII economic system reform and economy run department system reform to grow Introduction Huang Jianzhong everywhere, white home appliance waits to be absent because of belonging to electronic information product to be added compulsively as a result of air conditioning, washing machine, freezer in home appliance product stick. Belong to electronic information product to how judging a product, MII is in " electronic information product pollutes control government measure " (abbreviation " administrative measure " ) the list of classification of electronic Information Industry that one published to press bureau of Chinese country statistic to affirm after promulgating writes " electronic information product classifies annotate " , this is the detailed catalogue of product of an electron information and its paraphrase, after having this detailed catalogue and paraphrase, each generator inside course of study is OK conveniently " check the number is entered " , whether is the product that can affirm oneself are produced belonged to " electronic information product " category.

It is reported, with what carried out on Feburary 28, 2006 " run way " 3 when cover suitably important occupation standard: " the set limit to of poisonous and harmful material in electronic information product asks " (abbreviation " set limit to asks " ) , " label of control of pollution of electronic information product asks " (abbreviation " the label asks " ) , " electronic information product is medium of poisonous and harmful material detect method " (abbreviation " detect. These 3 occupation standard serve as " administrative measure " standard of form a complete set, its applicable product range and administrative measure agree completely, sell the electronic information product of carry out in Chinese churchyard namely, do not include war industry product and exit product.

Among them " the label asks " the product that the regulation does not contain poisonous and harmful material or element, add stick green E mark, the product of poisonous harmful material or element is contained inside, add stick orange caution mark. But the mark color that give out is recommend color, generator or importer can ask to choose other facial expression to undertake marking by the standard according to actual condition, but must letting consumer and user feeling is marked.
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