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Each country product certification indicates
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As the ceaseless development of foreign trade, more and more our country products hope to enter an international market, but making those who export industry worry Chinese great majority is medium or small is, good the export order that obtains not easily, because do not have corresponding safe attestation and cannot decide finally; Perhaps reach destination when goods hind, because of the safe attestation document that cannot offer corresponding product be detained by custom, and cause very big loss. I0NO #uU, of net of Yr.Zs.b0B electrical outlet
The product that manufacturer hopes to produce can check through authoritative attestation orgnaization, obtain safe attestation. In order to accord with industry standard and the requirement with each country normative safety. Increase the degree of belief that buys the home. But the standard that implements as a result of each country has difference each, regard tripartite as the attestation orgnaization of public letter force, to the application of manufacturer, put forward a product impossibly to carry out technical difference of the standard, make attestation product checks one-time percent of pass to reduce, cause the addition of charge, the waste of time, the incur loss through delay on business chance. N7 , a. of net of}}h#7 X-*] electrical outlet
Because its Central Plains depends on most country especially the government of the developed country, to protect the interest of consumer, made clause of a few law protect the security of the product, safe to involving, wholesome, environmental protection and electromagnetism disturb the product that waits for a project, direct or indirect ground asks to execute mandatory attestation. ZO.2! ] of net of $3o0GJeA^I;g electrical outlet
The client that how invites you puts a person's mind, chronically to cooperate with you? Ezb J of X Q €# ? of net of AXgz9 electrical outlet
Have be saleable the product of satisfy the need, plus your pass- - safe attestation certificate, your business just is met in a steady stream is constant. of net of GD_5mFxOY4ItiD electrical outlet
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Each country product certification indicates:

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