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Home appliance industry becomes state of new the Three Kingdoms
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The competitive posture of nowadays home appliance, if use situation of the Three Kingdoms,the analogy is the most appropriate nevertheless. Home appliance chain sells greatly in be just like a the Three Kingdoms " Cao of the Kingdom of Wei " ; Manufacturer is just like a the Three Kingdoms medium " east " ; The agent is just like a the Three Kingdoms medium " Sichuan country " . Facing powerful " Cao of the Kingdom of Wei " , "East " with " Sichuan country " the day is uneasy, a bit onlier domain also is faced with by powerful " Cao of the Kingdom of Wei " gradually annex, so how to do? Is this the decisive issue that is placed between the manufacturer? So Sichuan Wu Bi must defy together " Cao of the Kingdom of Wei " , make the firm " sale community " it is inevitable development trend, also be the most effective way that settles manufacturer and home appliance chain to sell a make a stand against greatly!
So how compose builds a firm " sale community " , the author combines experience of old home appliance actual combat to talk about a bit view!
"Sale community " the assemble that compose is built is a Confucian school of idealist philosophy of the Song and Ming Dynasties of business administration, canal and philosophy, perhaps say it is action of a kind of sale not just, still be thought of a kind of sale, a be a manufacturer more long-term business develops the strategy, also be to be nowadays manufacturer to obtain cross the development that jump type, offerred the way that develops the dominant position that the manufacturer cooperates with!
Traditional manufacturer concern is " me " and " you " relation, namely the management that each member is an independence is hypostatic, in order to seek individual increase target of the biggest melt into, not hesitate even the integral interest of sacrificial channel and manufacturer. And in concern to newborn manufacturer by traditional manufacturer in the process of transition, advocacy manufacturer and sell goods on a commission basis business by " you " and " I " the relation turns into " we " relation -- , that is " sale community " !
Sale community, want to undertake firm strategy alliance namely, namely manufacturer and agent of countrywide various places form sale community stage by stage. Do one's best runs a course in the market in, create reasonable, fair sale platform for the agent, offer perfect sale strategy, make hard double win gold passage, cogent strategic collaboration, resource will be made share between the manufacturer, the companionate relation of powerful powerful combination, comprehensive cooperation, realize manufacturer win-win truly with this " sale community " !
In the meantime, "Sale community " fractionize is 3 parts: Sale interest community, sale venture community, sale develops community!
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