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IEC releases standardization strategy document
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The likelihood is from article opening Er " if you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it " inspiration got in logion, the first when IEC standardization manages committee to put forward it till the long-term strategic file by 2007, adscititious the action plan that a directive standard develops, this the name is " standardization management committee standardizes the strategy " the idea of strategic file comes from the Frank · that manages commissarial chairman at holding the position of standardization 2004 Jitezan heart of the base of a fruit, he is monitoring this plans all the time, released in July 2005 till it. of net of B]~L dK ~bxF&DclL4 electrical outletF v[ of net of (a~JpY electrical outlet
The file of this 10 pages is written into with compendious language, content concentration, when the global adaptability that it emphasized IEC standard and technical committee are preparing them fulfill effectively, it is as parallel as IEC overall planning on the structure, the point of view with long-term with a view to and target, the action planned to make specific target for technical committee. =u S | 0tvO=; of net of IATY electrical outlet
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These two documents are prepared by the special panel of standardization management committee, panel member comes out choicely from inside IEC member, the file review that heart of the base of a fruit completes to this says Jitezan: "Strategic file and its action plan make we can put our emphasis on the significant progress of the IEC quality standard that accords with market demand and convenience international trade now. " 2:A: - df;X&UT)O, socket net of net of {O-@Xqd6=FoV  xR electrical outlet
8 problems that standardize strategic file and target are: The adaptability of IEC standard, the be involved in of the industry, each interests square participation, new occurrence technology, with the collaboration of other organization, eliminate a level beyond other but the item of consign, systematic method, effectiveness. HT{^ waA@JA € . HT{^ waA@JA € .. Quicklying  ?

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