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Pollution of electronic information product controls a label to ask to was carri
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Rose to be carried out formally on March 1 " label of control of pollution of electronic information product asks " (next weighing " requirement " ) regulation, electronic information product must be added stick marked green E indicates or orange caution indicates. Term of service of the name that label wants to contain element of poisonous and harmful material, content, environmental protection and when discarding, can deny reclaim use wait for content. Guild of Shanghai information home appliance expresses yesterday, new rule will bring not little cost pressure to industry business, the company that business did not export before this will encounter " transition " difficult problem.

Must add stick environmental protection mark

" requirement " last year in Feburary formulate, will carry out formally on March 1 this year. Relevant controller expresses guild of Shanghai information home appliance yesterday, " requirement " ask the product undertakes only " bright show " , did not restrict use poisonous and harmful material or element, when some kind of product enters electronic information product to pollute management priority catalog, the product needs to pass strict CCC attestation, fang Kejin enters the market. As ceaseless progress of the technology and objective and real need, " requirement " content will be adjusted ceaselessly, the formation of catalog the process with process general due according to, if ask for relevant business sentiment, expert,evaluate, to WTO fair show wait for a program.

This chief says, this association last year 7, door of the Ceng Zhuan when August to the acceptance of new rule to relevant enterprise degree, place suffers an influence to had made survey. The result shows, new rule will create heavier cost pressure to the enterprise likely. Besides enabling the cost of material that label of new environmental protection brings, the labor power that the enterprise brings in the new attestation of environmental protection respect, system government and administrative cost, will be the expenditure with not small brushstroke.

Do not carry out enterprise general is punished severely

A variety of evidence make clear, relevant section will fluctuate in the execution of new rule greater time. Market of moving department of national MII economy and system change to grow Huang Jianzhong everywhere ever expressed before this, the letter produces a ministry more than one year to undertook for many times policy conduct propaganda and unscramble, do not carry out an enterprise to will give punish severely. The enterprise such as TCL, Kang Jia is relevant chief yesterday (12 days) all express, undertaking detecting to relevant product, the work that stick label will be completed before March 1. Kang Jia still established special project to dog group, follow-up sticks sign work schedule.   
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