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How to undertake SA8000 proves a program
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The attestation process of SA8000 and ISO9000 are similar. The distinction of SA8000 and ISO 9000, ISO 14000 depends on: This new standard besides the requirement to the system, still include to produce the requirement that runs a side. It asks to prove an unit to understand the situation of attestation target manufacturer, know the area that these manufacturers are in. If the argumentation orgnaization of accredit wants to have proof to a factory, it must establish a program to evaluate a factory to carry out standard circumstance. The company that passes argumentation can obtain letter, authority looks up in company introduction manual and company letter paper place imprint on argumentation mark and CEPAA mark. In addition, they return the carbon of attainable SA8000 certificate to be used at sales promotion. of net of YDFKnhn8WZ9_=mU0yJ electrical outlet
SA8000 is a foundation with ISO9000, its appraisal target is the condition that the environment produces inside factory of world each district. This standard is woven by the advisory committee of a 25 people, they come from international of committee of child labour of international of CEPAA, amnesty, whole nation, KDMG, SGS to prove federation of worker of service company and international spin. CEPAA entrusts independent ground to evaluate an executive case that investigates SA8000 standard. *PixU]=/CxY1X ? of net of %"V electrical outlet
The Ai Li silk of CEPAA? Introduced to get the measure that SA8000 proves on meeting that Marlin held in Hong Kong Feburary: A demonstration that gives CEPAA authorization evaluates an orgnaization (offer application like SGS-ICS, BVQI, DNV, UL or ITS) , begin to enter an order. KoR s9"LXl3`9! of net of H electrical outlet
Application SA8000 must accord with following condition: The company that proves you accords with the legal law of country and place; Contrast SA8000 regulation measures company condition oneself, application order is entered inside a year. Once argumentation evaluated an orgnaization to accept your application, you become SA8000 applicant. After making complete preparation to SA8000 when you, hand of manage to make do arranges the forecasting before evaluating, if need to adopt,improve measure, can give you enough time improve manpower resource, safety and administrative measure by SA8000 standard. If be necessary,can lengthen applicant condition to come 2 years. of net of electrical outlet of kM €b n8qP24
Forecast the preparation after passing to enter argumentation to evaluate. A classics is special the factory that groomed place evaluates a group to be able to come to you. They understand the local law, society, administrator with you and worker to say same language. You should provide the historical record of the factory in the round, evaluate personnel to be able to talk freely with employee, if the certain respect of plant operation needs to improve, can remedy to your opportunity. After evaluating a group to be sure your factory accords with a standard completely, send SA8000 letter. Certificate period of efficacy 3 years, every 6 months check. Need 3 every years to apply for to be lengthened. of net of HB'2 1"8UFEjL 99 electrical outlet
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