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The first batch is carried out mandatory the catalogue item of product certifica
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B~)JfjO_ , , of net of QjZ electrical outlet
One, wire cable (in all 5 kinds) N@]Ux %8? of net of H~Bw electrical outlet
Does cord set, mine cover flexible cable, communication with oak do rated voltage 3kV and car of engine of the following railroad use t&k" of cable of wire of insulation of 450/750V of cable of wire of 450/750V of wire cable, rated voltage and insulation of the following rubber, rated voltage and the following pvc? of net of electrical outlet of ~y of € of W` €G UxQ? - of net of TAh_s^xT-]MXI electrical outlet
2, circuit switch reachs protection or join is installed with electric equipment device (in all 6 kinds) of net of electrical outlet of R9yAr €K .ume} R8
Coupler (family expenses, industrial with similar utility appliance) , plug electrical outlet (family expenses, industrial with similar utility) , the switch of electric unit, family expenses mixes family expenses and the hot fuse-link, fuse-link tubal account of small-sized fuse, similar utility stationary similar utility stationary is electric XByKDV_%-$E"EH7X%@ of crust of accessory of plant electric equipment of net of KfPgmH'&sGyPHp6` electrical outlet
3, low-pressure electric equipment (in all 9 kinds) Ec4ybOXGx" ? of net of BwNdj6 electrical outlet
Protector of leakage of electricity, breaker (contain RCCB, RCBO, MCB) , fuse, low-pressure switch (isolator, switch-disconnector, fuse assembles electric equipment) , other circuit protector [protector kind: Current limliting implement, circuit protector, shed starter of contactor of type of protector, hot protector, overload relay, low-pressure Electromechanical, electromotor too] , relay (36V< voltage Pound;1000V) , other switch (electric equipment switch, vacuum switch, pressure switch, adjacent switch, foot switch,MI.NZcX6t]n Z! of net of @~ L electrical outlet
4, small-power electromotor (in all 1 kind) of net of v=SM@{dX PtfQDeK electrical outlet
Small-power electromotor B7 ! .Zne €d S  ! ( of net of GeP electrical outlet
9@& €` .W ? O]r j#q4! Socket net
5, dynamoelectric tool (in all 16 kinds) fMe- ?  ! of net of V95=G2~j electrical outlet
Electric drill (contain electric impact drill) , hammer of dynamoelectric screwdriver and concussion spanner, dynamoelectric grinder, sander, fretsaw, report (the pick that contain report) , knife of spray gun of report of not combustible liquid, electric scissors (contain Shuang Ren electric scissors knife, report rushs! ? 8(n6f6? of net of Z#OM4Uj electrical outlet
2 | Oyl7R#lw^c% | of net of s; electrical outlet
6, electric welder (in all 15 kinds) = ! of net of H O'i-VO=TqeB= electrical outlet
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