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Beautiful electric equipment: Hopeful " marry " cygnet
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Sichuan long rainbow (600839 prices, ) the day before yesterday announcement says, the cession because of 1.654 billion yuan base price is exorbitant, the equity of 24.01% makes over the cygnet that long rainbow abandoned having to be being held without stannic country couplet contest is bought. And a before this many month, of long rainbow and beauty be considered as all the time the most possible " win out " buy one of homes.
When beautiful concerned personage accepted our newspaper reporter to interview yesterday, be asked about " whether to already raise quoted price " , did not deny. Meanwhile, the cygnet that stops a card several days yesterday evening also announcement says, already received intent to suffer let square " suffer let want to make an appointment with a book " . The personage inside course of study thinks, these evidence make clear the United States buy cygnet to already entered final phase.
Cygnet leaves to force at high price retreat long rainbow
On January 15, couplet of the country that do not have stannum first announcement is conveyed " transfer cygnet equity publicly " intent. On Feburary 4, of long rainbow and beauty received those who come from couplet of the country that do not have stannum to want to invite about at the same time almost, have company of a foreign capital additionally -- Luo Ni also received Italian silent to invite. The odds that sells foreign capital as ethical brand considering cygnet is lesser, the person be regarded as the biggest to each other menace contest to buy namely of long rainbow and beauty.
Of long rainbow and beauty have pressing the argument that buys small day, crucial question still is in buy the price to go up. And because,the account that long rainbow chooses to exit also is the price -- the cession of equity of cygnet of requirement of couplet of the country that do not have stannum the price not under 1.654 billion yuan, and long rainbow " from buy cost and the angle judgement that buy a venture " think base price is exorbitant.
It is reported, 1.654 billion yuan this price, be according to " state-owned partner makes over place to hold appear on the market company stock runs temporary measure " medium concerned regulation pushs numerate, but there still is in the regulation " need convert into money truly, its lowest price is not gotten under this arithmetic average 90% " , also namely the cession of young season equity base price is in theoretic still can hit 9 fold, namely 1.49 billion yuan when media ever had covered before this.
To this, a cadre of couplet of the country that do not have stannum expresses clearly to the reporter, "Cygnet is high grade asset, we are hit impossibly reflex let, this is the consensus that our early reachs. "
Also the personage inside course of study thinks, capital insecurity is the another reason that long rainbow exits, because do not have stannic country couplet to ask all buying price must pay with cash form, the denounce before this gives this apparently 2 billion dollar is gigantic endowment the long rainbow that proposes plasma screen gave a difficult problem.
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