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Abandon buying big in how does electric equipment Su Ning fight Heng Guomei?
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Beauty of Su Ning, country, big in lasted one year to be bought more pull according to battle, leave suddenly finally with Su Ning, the country is beautiful with 36. 500 million yuan of cash are comprehensive and mandatory big medium and end. Buy big in hind, inn of door of national beautiful throughout the country counts nearly 1100, and the door inn number in market of two bibcock of Beijing, Shanghai has relative advantage. So, abandon buying big in hind, why does Suningru answer this kind of new competition structure?

Develop compare a dominant position

No matter be to abandon big in, or with always happy just miss the opportunity, reflected the very cautious attitude when Su Ning chooses and buying act. In always happy and buy a problem mediumly to go up greatly, su Ning was not bought left and right sides of square price demand place, also was not bought the competitive place influence of adversary country beauty, be subject to completely to develop strategic program at company strategy principle and whole however.

Abandon buying big in hind, su Ning can accede traditional, the comparison that develops oneself advantage, those who strengthen the person that offset is expended is dedicated with investment, this ability is home appliance the essential place of retail chain company. The strategic commanding elevation of retail chain industry is in prospective home appliance to communicate 4 link at brand, service, management and consumer. In national beautiful He Suning of two strong contend for hegemony today, of two enterprises famous degree of already unmanned look forward to and, the beauty that what next consumer pays close attention to is them praise degree. As a result of Su Ning all the time will " the interest shares those who regard Su Ning as company culture advocate a general name for arteries and veins " , so Su Ning is in while with home appliance manufacturer cooperates for a long time, can continue to strengthen with consumer communicate, understand the requirement of consumer.

Su Ning does not have dimensions and channel advantage in Beijing, Shanghai, because this need turns to the key how the demand that effectively palm charges customer. After the control that gains pair of consumer demand accuses, the control that produces business to home appliance also with respect to success will come when conditions are ripe, natural and OK more income receive in the collaboration with the partner.

Intensive cultivation channel

What home appliance chain can regard many individual retailing shops as on certain level is fit, the network that because this sale efficiency depends on,the optional location of each retailing shops interlinks namely is enclothed rate. Although the country is beautiful,had gained such network opportunity in Beijing and Shanghai, but still need to be opposite big in the network undertakes conformity. And Su Ning is OK in the country the United States is opposite big in the network is strengthened to manage stage by stage in integrated process, and in a planned way, have move market of region of surface-to-air White Area undertakes cloth is nodded, undertake to key area the key is thrown, the network distribution that makes oneself are in Beijing, Shanghai is more equitable and effective. In the meantime, su Ning can strengthen the canal that interlinks inn system to control capacity. Pass the good management that interlinks inn system, strengthen business is carried out and superintend, interlink inn health operation in order to ensure. Additional, the United States buys the nation big in hind, capital runs inevitable hasten to tighten, this makes a country beautiful extend in the market besides Beijing, Shanghai be affected, su Ning can use such opportunity, undertake to 23 class market large-scale extend.
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