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The ISO14000 attestation influence to international trade
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What to begin ISO14000 to begin international trade to have to affect to our country?

From microcosmic on tell, ISO14000 is an enterprise use of one's own accord, the standard of ego tie sex, its exterior presence that governs specific to seeming some organization to run an activity, it is the microcosmic zoology environment that produces interaction with the activity of this organization, product or service and its element. But, because get in its development process the drive of a variety of force such as interest of economy of oneself of the market, law and politics, enterprise, this international standard already became ISO14000 gradually language of a kind of international, carry the action of internationalization economy and business affairs, its the influence expands quickly every corner of global economy, produced an effect to international trade, this is main body is the following now two respects:

Export to foreign trade affect

Because ISO14000 already made trend of a kind of international increasingly, burgeoning industrialized country is in developed country and the part such as Europe, beautiful, day its home implements ISO14000 standard extensively, the manufacturer home that will taste to importer gradually puts forward ISO14000 to ask, homes of a lot of this pair of development our country that include our country inside form serious environmental trade barrier necessarily to these countries and area exit, also say " green trade barrier " .

The export market of our country product basically is centered in developed country and part burgeoning industrialized country, export portion to occupy our country foreign trade to always export the specified number about to the foreign trade of these countries and area 4/5 the left and right sides. These countries and area have advanced environmental protection technology and the productivity level that develop highly, if wait for a method to build environmental trade barrier through raising environmental standard and environmental legislation, develop and maintain what will affect me badly to export the market.

On the other hand, as degree of global economic integration rise, our country enterprise begins door going abroad, invest external, open crosses state-owend enterprise trade, use abroad advanced technology, sufficient professional manpower natural resources and rich administrative experience will develop and expand from already, obtained abecedarian positive result. From these enterprises that cross a state the benign development henceforth considers, the administrative pattern that place of executive ISO14000 standard asks, try to control to relevant environmental element and environmental problem, with best cost and constituent means, will reach place the requirement of laws and regulations of law of all and relevant environment, it is very indispensible.
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