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Product of 3C of 5 stars electric equipment is contended for " opening golden we
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New term will come, students are planning articles for use of of all kinds study actively. In the meantime, the reporter investigates discovery, "Opening economy " the breeding ground that also becomes home appliance chain in last few years, although value of product of of all kinds 3C does not poor, but the parent still opens his purse readily. Shrewd businessman also is contended for in succession " opening golden week " this cake, 5 stars electric equipment is in mobile phone, number kind on the product a series of benefit of beginning of spring sells, the student buys machine privilege activity to let student friends spend least money with the parent, obtain the oldest new product to enjoy, in last double cease day ignites to buy machine upsurge again.
Term begins in succession as each school ground, the businessman greets the consumptive climax of student market again. Riveting of 5 stars electric equipment became sufficient strong, get ready wait for hair, hand in hand communication, number, computer category of 3 big 3C, rolled out the economic material benefit that consumes a group in the light of the student product, desire the cold hurried market with last decisive battle. As we have learned, since 5 stars launch cold hurried offensive, purchased many 3C product early, combine numerous domestic and international well-known trademark, act according to for consumer went up to together home appliance big eat. Term begins now shortly, also be friend of a lot of student buys the height of machine, the exterior the 3C series product of vogue of all ready, science and technology also becomes elegant, function of sales promotion of 5 stars electric equipment advocate advance a point, electronic dictionary, answer reading the student such as machine to use electronic product is all fronts puts value more, the low of contented student friend consumes demand.
Opening of new market of 5 stars electric equipment sells field floor manager Introduction Jiang Xiang, 16, 17 sales of two days go another round of upsurge after showing the Spring Festival apparently, among them the mobile phone sale of 70% originates young student group, the Nuojiya, brand that alls alone the youth such as love is fond of is sales volume more climb all the way litre. The mobile phone is the sales promotion leading role of be worthy of in student group, and the purchasing power of young customer is very strong also, be in besides price 1200-1500 or so yuan those who have simple operation function is medium outside low mobile phone, resemble function of recreation of sound of element, big screen, multimedia, image high all ready high end mobile phone is in student group market is very good also. Because the mobile phone upgrades now,update on one hand too fast, partial student is 2, change 3 times even machine, what they go after is vogue, mobile phone exterior and function became the focal point of the choice; On the other hand, many students after the Spring Festival passes are well-off, and the high-end consumption that major parent also stemmed from the state of mind that encourages study to bear the child.
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