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Guarantee 3 years period can you lengthen? Electric equipment
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Need to pay only 200 multivariate, can guarantee 3 years of the regulation period lengthen. So inviting " additional guarantee " agreement, attracted many customer indeed. However, the reporter learns yesterday, disappear of Pudong new developed area is protected appoint the near future is received many cases in the light of manufacturer of some washing machine additional guarantee serve a purpose to complain.

"Additional guarantee " difficult cash

When Du Nv person bought this manufacturer washing machine 2003, sales promotion personnel introduced a kind to her additional guarantee maintain service project, need to pay 258 yuan to be able to be in only guarantee guarantee 3 of calorie of regulation years period outside lengthen again guarantee period 3 years, du Nv person feels ten graduation calculate, outside buying this service to sign one portion then, guarantee maintain agreement. But arrived 2007, after Du Nv person is repaired to this manufacturer newspaper because of washing machine occurrence breakdown, be informed however, the washing machine that buys as a result of her now already stop production, cannot offer fittings, also cannot maintain so, can return her only 258 yuan, remove guarantee outside this portion maintain agreement.

To this, du Nv person is very furious, she thinks operator cannot fulfil the affirmatory obligation in agreement, behoove undertakes responsibility of breach of contract, is not simple
End an agreement finishs sth.

Clause of Xiang Yu the Conqueror avoid responsibility

In receive many cases similar after complaining, disappear is protected appoint staff member and controller of this manufacturer after service undertook for many times communicate and be harmonied, the hope can get appropriate is handled. However this controller expresses clearly, company interior already had a regulation, falling without the fittings, condition that cannot maintain, the charge that can return the place when consumer purchases a service to pay only removes agreement, and there is the agreement about responsibility of breach of contract on agreement, so the company need not undertake responsibility of breach of contract.

Maintain according to guaranteeing outside this share that consumer offers agreement, disappear is protected appoint the staff member read the each article in agreement carefully, its are affirmatory " highest and OK additional guarantee 3 years, maintain freely " wait for service content, look really very inviting, also very be to one's profit. But, there is the responsibility of breach of contract of conventional both sides in agreement, provided excuse for operator play truant. And agreement sets the 5th times " after agreement is signed, must not be made over or stop ahead of schedule " , have the suspicion that avoids responsibility of operator obligation, aggravating consumer apparently, belong to imparity clause.
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