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What profit does ISO14000 attestation have?
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Say on the whole, executive ISO14001 has two big gain:

1. stimulative international trade

From the point of the angle of stimulative commerce, ISO14000 is a level of environmental management system that has flexibility. It is concerned to abiding by in its environment guiding principle besides requirement enterprise law, code and improve continuously outside giving commitment, do not set the absolutely requirement of environmental performance, because these two undertake similar activity but the company that has different environment performance, the likelihood achieves the requirement of ISO14000. In the meantime, ISO14000 emphasizes the environmental state according to native our region, the laws and regulations of environmental protection law that accords with and rather than of native our region to export the market to be in a country. This reflected the quits principle of commerce, conduce to eliminate technical trade barrier.

2. improves business management level, enhance company competition ability

A. The advantage to industry organization

Strengthen the acceptance of business management layer of → of environmental management consciousness and employee and support;

Improve all people of company image → to like you;

Do well with local community relation → disperses as a result of needless attrition no longer energy;

The environment of cleanness of → of easier recruit employee attracts the personnel of high quality to join in;

The risk → that reduces legal lawsuit reduces the legal operation of consumer and government sector, environmental examine and verify helps discovery and predicting problem place, adopt correct measure to solve a problem;

Reduce insurance expenses → to reduce the risk that produces an accident;

The environmental influence that gains finance more easily to support environment of → bank have the aid of to manage a system to concern a project to the enterprise undertakes assessment.

B. The gain that to look forward to course of study manages

Reduce what the charge → trash of clean job and contaminant discharge;

The risk that produces disastrous accident reduces → to undertake make clear and precautionary to environmental risk in environmental management system;

Raise the innovation of craft of technical level → and process;

Energy-saving fall bad news, reduce cost;

Reduce waste disposal cost.

C. The advantage that to the enterprise the product develops

Product innovation → is done with second birth paper for instance pack, produce the sources of energy to consume little product

D. To the advantage of business market sale
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