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Industry experts pointed out: mobile socket industry to be upgraded
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"Golden September and silver October" has always been the most intense electronics manufacturers compete for a period of home appliance system as an important part but easily overlooked - the sales outlet industry has also ushered in the golden period. Press survey found that, with the continuous improvement of quality of life, people's consumption concept is from the past can be used on the line and began the pursuit of product branding, quality, personalized, fashion, more secure, high performance. In this regard, industry experts pointed out that urgent need to upgrade China's mobile outlet industry.

Today, China's household electrical appliances not only significantly enhance the quality, appearance has also been a huge change, but closely linked to their mobile outlet, not only the appearance of little change for decades, throughout the relevant department's sampling results also show that the quality is not optimistic.

Zizhuqiao Suning stores in Beijing, a consumer told reporters that his new house under renovation, most of the appliances have been selected, but the purchase and electrical outlet matches left him very hesitant, because the socket is inherited white rectangular terminal board for many years the old way, and not at home, coordination of the design.

Promoters told reporters, the power outlet is an important reason for causing the accident. Socket is not good, likely to cause damage to household appliances and electric shock, even when serious fire threat to people's property and lives.

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